Breaking: I think it just moved

As you can see, there appears to be movement in the Tyler Beede-to-the-Blue Jays saga. Blue Jays first round draft pick Tyler Beede is yet to arrive on campus at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN despite signing up for summer classes. Current Commodores pitcher Sonny Gray confirmed Law’s murmurs from deep within the belly of the beast.

The Jays drafted the high school pitcher initially thought to be “unsignable” due to his strong commitment to playing hardball. Whoops, make that college ball. Leverage is a hell of a drug.

Looks like the Jays are going to follow-through on the promise to break the draft bank. Hopefully, the remaining top picks of the Jays are paying attention if or when Beede’s signing officially comes down.

Update: In another tweet, Law intones hearing more compelling evidence that Beede is close to signing without getting into details. Let’s just speculate for second: Tyler Beede bought a solid gold car.