From the ghost of Deadspin comes this video of fighting teenagers. Not just any fighting teenagers, this are Blue Jays distant minor leaguers!

The Vancouver Canadians and the Spokane Minor League Team Names throw down for…some odd reason. Behold the brave shortstop who realizes — very quickly — the guy he’s squared off with does not intend to dance (or fuck) around.

It seems somebody got KO’d but good later in the video, no doubt the product of a cheap shot. Spokane is a Texas Rangers affiliate and Rangers GM Jon Daniels already went on the record with an apology. One can only assume that means a Rangers farmhand is extremely culpable in this event. Get out ahead of the lawsuits, my legal team always insists.

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  1. “Ghost” of Deadspin?

  2. You can take the kid out of the ghetto….

  3. For any prospect hounds out there, the Vancouver player involved from the start was SS Shane Optiz, an 11th round pick last year from a Colorado high school. Athletic, good contact, poor secondary skills (so far). The Spokane shorty was also the SS, Rougned Odor. He’s only 17 and very highly touted. Maybe Optiz made fun of his height. Or was peeved at the deep and wide takeout slide?

  4. River just got traded to the Dodgers for cash or PTBNL

  5. RiverA, I meant

  6. @Eric – which kid and which ghetto?

  7. Ah, I see, Drew. That makes sense. And I agree.

  8. Watch the left side of the screen at 00:23. The Canadians catcher is trying to keep peace and gets absolutely smashed by a cheap shot.

    Spokane comes to Vancouver for a 5 game series starting August 2nd. That’ll be interesting. I’d say I’d go and do some yapping but I find it extremely hard to make fun of 18 year olds nowadays.

  9. Heh, so the kid who sucker punched the Canadians catcher is a young man by the name of Matthew West who is an infielder converted to Pitcher (notice he doesn’t throw the punch with his pitching hand… someones done this before!). Before he became a pitcher he tested positive for PEDs (

    Imagine the Roid Rage chants… These guys make it too easy.

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