I hope that somehow these pictures are saved throughout time so that future generations of further evolved man can look at them and feel shame for their species’ past the same way that we do when we think of the barbarism that exists in our not too distant past.

First of all, I’ll never be able to wrap my head around seeking out baseballs and losing your goof when you catch one at a baseball game. This should be one aspect of the game that is for kids and kids alone. If an adult is making any effort whatsoever to get a ball, it should be for the benefit of a child. The fact that this guy is risking his life, literally risking his life, to catch a ball at an event where balls are being fired into the audience at a rate immeasurably higher than a regular game, means that it should be that less impressive when you come up with one.

Secondly, that this idiot’s actions come less than a week after a man lost his life trying to grab a ball for his child, makes him eligible for immediate castration. This man’s actions are a slap in the face to that man’s memory, trivializing his death and making it count for little by blatantly learning nothing from it. The entire world should congregate and put an end to the seed that would produce a mind that justifies the behaviour on display here.

This makes me feel ill.

Update: HardBall Talk has a quote from Keith Carmickle, the man pictured above:

We caught three balls and I told the guys I was going to go for the cycle. Dude, they were really holding onto me.

I was just made to feel more ill.

And The Rest

Robinson Cano won the Home Run Derby last night with his dad pitching to him. Most of the event was a waste of time, but it was a legitimately nice moment to see them embrace after his victory. It made me think about the usefulness of sports on a broader scale, and if they can make parents and children closer, they’re a totally worthwhile endeavour.

There were only two other amusing things that happened during the home run derby.

Scoring in baseball is the lowest it’s been in two decades.

No good deed goes untaxed: don’t ever give Derek Jeter anything.

Mail delivery from Canada getting delayed? I can’t imagine such a thing.

Our friends and Getting Blanked contributors from The Platoon Advantage figure that 12.3% of league regulars were named All-Stars this year, but how does that compare to past seasons?

Television ratings are topsy turvy across the league. Some are up, some are down.

Who doesn’t want to remember the worst All-Stars of the Century so far?

A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin took acid and tried to recreate Doc Ellis’ no hitter on an X-Box.

Leave Petco Field alone!!! It’s easy to say when you don’t have to hit there anymore.

Brian Wilson’s warlock senses tell him that the Giants and Red Sox will meet in the World Series.

Is there a home field advantage on balls and strikes calls?

What exactly was Curt Flood’s contribution to the way baseball is run?

Colby Rasmus will be working with his dad over the All-Star break to get out of his slump. In this case though I’m not so certain father knows best.

Baseball Think Factory reminds of a certain anniversary: