Up the Rivera without a PTBNL

All the usual suspects report the Jays shipped Juan Rivera to the Los Angeles Dodgers for cash considerations or a player to be named later. The Blue Jays designated Juan Rivera for assignment on July 3rd and, somehow, found a trading partner within the 10 day window to pull off such a move.

Juan Rivera got off to a deathly slow start in 2011 and never really got out of it, mustering a meager .295 wOBA in his first season in Toronto. He played a little first base and his usual strong armed/fall-down ranged left field and generally drove Blue Jays fans out of their minds.

Juan Rivera is only 32 years old and a free agent at the end of the year. He hits left-handed pitching pretty well, meaning he might provide something for a team in contention with that specific need. Instead, he was traded for cash to a bankrupt team currently 11 games out of first place. Baseball, ain’t it great?

Update: Professor Griff indicates the Jays might be sending some money to LA along with Rivera, presumably to pay Vin effin Scully the money he is owed. Seriously, you don’t want to end up on the wrong side Scully. Dude is COLD BLOODED.

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  1. Rivera may have had a say in this. All offers were probably around the same, and they may have approached Rivera who said he wouldn’t mind going back to LA.

    Something is better than nothing, though. Who’s paying him?

  2. It’s always amazing to me when a guy is traded after being DFA’d.

  3. Jeff2: Apparently, it’s Rivera and some Cash to the Dodgers for cash or a guy later.

    So probably the Jays at first, then the Debt Dodgers pay the Jays back or give them a good prospect in return.

  4. title is a huge reach.

  5. I’m enjoying Drew’s headlines today.

  6. You’re killing it with the headlines today Fairservice.

  7. Are the Jays lending the Dodgers money by sending money now and getting it back later?

  8. I never thought about that, but I am guessing they are getting a ptbnl. I think Anthopoulos is too smart to have an arrangement to loan the Dodgers money. As if he would ever get that back!

    Alex Anthopoulos: Hey Ned, can I get that money back now?

    Ned Colletti: Give what money back?

  9. Alex Anthopoulos: Hey Ned, can I get that money back now?

    Ned Colletti: Go talk to Scully.

    Alex Anthopoulos: Hey Vin, can I get that money back that Ned owes me?

    Vic Scully: Anthopoulos, speak to me again and I will eat your heart.

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