The New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers opened the post All-Star Game, pre Trade Deadline period off with a bang last night. Join us at 3:30 PM EDT to talk about that deal and some of the other movement we might expect to see in the coming weeks. I’m sure that we’ll also have time to dump on the All-Star festivities, so don’t be afraid to tell us your thoughts on how we can improve the annual tradition.

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Tweet your questions, comments, observations and nude pics to @DustinParkes and @AndrewStoeten, or use the hashtag fail: #SendColbyRasmusToTorontoPlease. And for those who have better things to do than embrace social media, join our live chat to contribute your thoughts. We’ll have someone monitoring the chat to bring up the best questions and comments on the show.

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  1. tony: Greetings. Seems like the birds are well positioned for a run. To me the most glaring need is a 1 or 2 starter that could push Garcia, Westbrook and Lohse to 3 4 5 and McLellen to the bull pen – he looks fatigued to me. With Sanchez, Salas and Lynn at the back I don’t think things are bad there. Are there viable non-rentals that fit that need? Seems like one of Craig, Jay, Schu, Descalso, Greene and then Rasmus might be enough maybe with a with a good prospect. THis team is good enough to get to and win the Series.

    Joe Strauss: Keep your eye on the Toronto Blue Jays. They possess what the Cards need. LH relievers Mark Rzepczynski and Luis Perez plus young starters Brandon Morrow and Ricky Romero represent potential targets. (Perez has been what the Cards’ envisioned from Brian Tallet, a wipeout talent against LH bats but vulnerable against rights.) Towering RH Jon Rauch is the Jays’ closer pro tem but may fit in a set-up role here. The Cardinals have had interest in him before.

    There you have it. Colby Rasmus for 3-7 Toronto relief pitchers.

  2. Who in the Cardinals organization envisioned Tallet to be a “wipeout talent against LH bats”?

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