The Nana Index Comes Alive

Those familiar with Getting Blanked will know that one of the crutches we rely on to measure the fame levels of baseball players is guessing how many nanas out of 100 would recognize their name. Well, that entirely unscientific guess work got a little more legitimate over the All-Star break as we called up our grandmothers and asked them about some of the 2011 MLB All-Stars.

Comments (7)

  1. That was entertaining

  2. Stop harassing your Nana

  3. She’s gonna test you on shit you don’t know…priceless.

  4. Kevin Smith works at The Score?

  5. You guys are better than that new sports radio in town already!

    Great vid.

  6. haha Jeter’s prowess with the ladies is even recognized by our nanas.

  7. My Nannie would have CRUSHED this, she loved her baseball….so at least I come by it honestly! Mexican gangster….amazing.

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