There is whining about Rogers ownership and being a “long-suffering” Blue Jays fan and then there is reality. In reality, baseball is fun to watch and beer is fun to drink and the more frequently these two things coincide, the better.

Then there is being an Orioles fan. We here at Getting Blanked have all sorts of fun at the expense of the O’s because it is both fun and easy – you can’t really blame us.

We scoffed at the puzzling winter signings and chortled at the belief they’d finish ahead of the Jays this season. Keeping the Orioles down so we can feel better about ourselves is only natural.

But when Orioles fans publicly lose their religion like one of the writers at Camden Chat did today, it makes me feel a little bad about myself, about the pleasure I take in their suffering.

The piece goes over the inability to develop top talent and the misguided free agent signings in savage detail. But halfway down there is what I’d classify as “the money quote”:

Ten years after the publication of Defense Independent Pitching Statistics, we have the third worst groundball rate of any pitching staff in baseball; eight years after the publication of Moneyball, we have the third worst walk rate in the American League. We are stuck in the past, as symbolized by our free agent additions of some of the top stars of a decade ago.

As author James F notes: the Orioles are not an unloved club playing for a cheapskate owner just waiting for luxury tax payments.

They have a strong and supportive fanbase and an owner who, however misguided, opens the purse when asked by baseball operations. They just make terrible decisions at nearly every turn. Given the type of competition they’re up against, they cannot afford any mistakes, let alone only mistakes.

It’s all a very heartbreaking stuff. I was already to sympathize until I realized the Orioles constant failures are the only thing keeping the Jays from being the Orioles. In which case: suckers!