Today In Douchebaggery

These would be the veiny, red and irritated wrists of Washington Nationals prospect Bryce Harper.

Looking at this picture (I can’t avert my eyes), it’s almost as though Mr. Harper, at 18 years old, missed out on some sort of crucial aspect of his development as a human being living in the Western World. Hmm.

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  1. I feel like if this is the worst an 18 year old with millions in the bank has gotten up to is getting a tattoo showing his love for his parents. Douchie? maybe but as long as he doesnt pull a Josh Hamilton I think this is fine.

    the last sentence confused me what does a tattoo about ones parents have to do with missing out on crucial developments? are tattoos an evil eastern world problem?

  2. Gotta agree you are calling this one wrong – we will see – if this is the worst it gets, its not all that bad. This kid has been called wonderful and been given special considerations his whole life. It is almost impossible for that treatment to not result in a sense of entitlement that us poor common folks don’t have. I have decided to reserve judgement on the kid until he is a little older and wiser.
    Yes he has done a number of suspect things, but who wouldn’t in his place?

  3. I blame the LDS Church’s incomprehensible version of counter cultural child-rearing combined with growing up in the gambling and porn capital of the world.

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