Arming You With An Argument

I realize I’m coming dangerously close to beating the Jose Bautista is better than Adrian Gonzalez thing further into the ground than metaphors involving dead horses, but I just came across something kind of interesting about Adrian Gonzalez: he’s grounded into more double plays than any player in baseball this season.

Now, of course, you can’t really use this to criticize him, because he’s avoided outs better than all but four other players so far this year. Grounding into 20 double plays at the halfway mark isn’t even a sign that he’s somehow failing to perform with runners on base. All it means is that, as a member of the Boston Red Sox, he comes up to the plate a lot with players already on base. That’s because they’re a good team.

And it’s also the reason why he has a lot of RBIs.

Even if you avoid reason entirely, ignore the fact that a player doesn’t control who gets on base in front of him and somehow convince yourself that RBIs are a valuable measurement of a player’s worth, don’t you then also have to recognize that grounded into double plays are important as well? After all, with runners already on base, aren’t RBIs the positive result to GIDP’s negative?

And for the record, Jose Bautista has only grounded into five double plays.