I’m not sure what’s more offensive about this post from SB Nation: how unfunny it is or the fact that it refers to Joey Votto possibly having “mental problems” without acknowledging that the slugger publicly spoke about his struggles with depression after his father died.

I realize that Jason Brannon of SB Nation’s Hot Corner blog likely had no intention of being so insensitive with referencing Votto’s past in his attempt at satire, and it was admittedly a slow news day yesterday, but in the immortal words of Ken Rosenthal, come on

Taking a crack at an entire nation’s lack of public profile is one thing (unfortunately in this case, not a very funny thing), but not being aware of the history of the baseball player that you’re using to make the joke is just plain ignorant. The blog post’s narrative follows the fictional reactions of Votto’s All-Star teammates and their lack of belief in his country of origin.

At one point, Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday asked Votto “What does your flag look like?”

“It has a maple leaf on it,” Votto replied, to gales of laughter from players and reporters alike.

“I tried to keep it together, but when he said that thing about the maple leaf, I just lost it,” said San Francisco’s Brian Wilson.

“Seriously, I think that guy might have mental problems,” Wilson added.

According to Votto, in an interview from the summer of 2009:

I spoke to some doctors and they came to the conclusion that I was dealing with obviously being depressed. I was having panic attacks and they were overwhelming me to the point where I needed to go to the hospital on two separate occasions – once in San Diego and once that nobody had been told about. I went to the hospital in Cincinnati when the team was on the road. It was a very, very scary and crazy night where I had to call 911 at three or four in the morning. It was probably the scariest moment I had ever dealt with in my life.

As someone who, from time to time, might be described as lacking sensitivity, I understand that the slight likely wasn’t intentionally offensive, but nonetheless, it’s rare that an athlete, let alone a baseball player, publicly talks about his mental sufferings like Votto did. To later see it referenced, even unknowingly, in a joking manner, leaves a rather unlikable taste in one’s mouth.

And The Rest

Does the whole outrage over certain players not attending the All-Star game ring a little bit less than true to you? Well, if the outrage is coming from Joe Buck, it likely is.

If the Washington Nationals don’t bring J.C. Romero up from Triple A soon, there’s a very good chance that he’ll join the New York Yankees.

Speaking of relievers on the move, Joakim Soria’s no trade clause lists six teams: Braves, Dodgers, Phillies, Red Sox, Rockies and Yankees. Keep in mind that teams listed as part of a no trade clause are often done so as a means of squeezing out a few dollars more for the player to compensate his waiving of the clause.

The North American Baseball League sounds like a lot of fun.

It’s hard to imagine that the Colorado Rockies would be interested in trading Ubaldo Jiminez when their reportedly interested in acquiring a starting pitcher prior to the July 31st trade deadline.

If anyone is going to switch leagues through realignment, it’s going to be the Houston Astros.

Florida Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez is either paying homage to his daughter, or guarding against ever forgetting her name.

Speaking of homages, San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson paid his to Le Tour during last night’s ESPY Awards.

Terry Francona doesn’t care much for the All-Star Game, and apparently he’s not alone.

So, maybe it’s time for Major League Baseball to take a good, long look at its marketing strategy.

Major League Baseball is reportedly interested in a downtown ballpark for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

There’s a reason that Matt Kemp is such a sharp dressed man.

Things have the potential to get very, very ugly in Minnesota because of a government shutdown.

St. Louis Cardinals beat reporter would like to give Toronto Blue Jays fans some hope when it comes to acquiring center fielder Colby Rasmus:

Keep your eye on the Toronto Blue Jays. They possess what the Cards need. LH relievers Mark Rzepczynski and Luis Perez plus young starters Brandon Morrow and Ricky Romero represent potential targets. (Perez has been what the Cards’ envisioned from Brian Tallet, a wipeout talent against LH bats but vulnerable against rights.) Towering RH Jon Rauch is the Jays’ closer pro tem but may fit in a set-up role here. The Cardinals have had interest in him before.

I can do all things through helicopters which strengthen me:

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  1. They can keep their shitty paws off of Romero and Morrow, plz’n'thx.

  2. The post on SB Nation was funny, period. (And YES, I am Canadian.)

    In no way was it making fun of any problems Votto has had in the past.

    It is making fun of Canada, in a light-hearted manner.
    I laughed, and I bet Joey did too.

  3. First, the whole “Canada’s fictional” is an old and tired joke, but maybe it was funny the first few times I heard it. I didn’t think the Votto piece was funny or original.

    And secondly, I’m with Parkes. Mental illness (and especially depression) is something most people are pretty ignorant about and even though the writer didn’t intend to be offensive, he was ignorant and that just isn’t necessary.

  4. I love how Brian Wilson, who is a certified nut, thinks Votto has mental problems…

  5. Morrow or Romero for Rasmus? umm how bout fuck no.

    They can have Luis Perez, Zack Stewart, Brad Mills and Rajai Davis.

    Final fuckin offer.

    • Breaking: teams unwilling to trade top-tier, cost-controlled talent for a pile of shit. Shocking, I know.

      You have to give to get. Would you trade Travis Snider for that steaming log you offered? Fuck and no.

  6. Baseball needs more German umpires.

  7. Did anyone read the NABL article? I think Pete LaCock may be the most unfortunate name in the history of man.

  8. Nope, just checked and there’s at least one guy with the last name Felchman. Worse.

  9. No I wouldn’t and drew you are right.

    But lets say jays had a firesale, Rank Yunel, Colby and Ricky in order of trade value…

    1) Yunel, cheap contract, plays premium and scarce position.

    2) Romero, potential front of the line starter, sold #2 worst case.

    3) Rasmus, top 5 centerfielder when right, however defense is barely passable. Eventually he will have to be moved to a corner outfield position in which his value will plummet.

    Jays best move is to bat Davis 9th for the next 1.5 seasons and hope Gose or Marisnick emerges to be a passable major leaguer.

  10. LaCock is Canadian, no? Double CanCon!

  11. Morrow is a bit tougher because I think at this point no one knows what he is

    He’s still young and has flithy stuff, if he can put it all together he can be a dominant ace..but people have been saying that about Aj Burnette for a decade.

    In the end I think the Anthopolous holds on to him because of the potential… if you trade him now, and he puts it all together, the trade will look awful . No one is screaming to get rid of him so there is no harm in giving it another year or two to see what kind of pitcher he really is.

  12. Yes I would, but at 25? (or 26) with less than 2 years worth of starts under his belt I wouldn’t rush to that conclusion at this point.

    However, if he has A.J Burnett’s career the question then becomes if the Cardinals are interested.

  13. The best move is to trade for BJ Upton instead to fill the role until Gose is ready.

  14. If Morrow has AJ Burnett’s career, that would be just fine with me. AJ has over 30 WAR in his career, despite spending a bulk of it in the AL East.

  15. Thats a simplistic way of looking at it.. its not about cumulative WAR its about fulfilling potential.

    If Brett Cecil has a cumulative WAR of 32 at the end of his career, consider that a success. But for a top 5 draft pick, with electric stuff, and so far no health issues thats just not good enough..

  16. My point was that I’d be content with Morrow pitching at this level and staying healthy for the entirety of his career. Most major league starters don’t even do that, let alone reach ace level which is reserved for a short list of pitchers.

  17. Wow, that NABL story has Tim Johnson, Jose Conseco and car jumping Joey Gathright.

  18. @ the 2 Matts…..it’s totally immature to make fun of names but since I’m not above being immature how about the Texas Rangers director of amateur scouting Kip Fagg?

  19. I don’t get it.

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