Jim Thome hit the 596th home run of his career yesterday, a mammoth blast that travelled nearly 596 feet (actually 490. But the attempt at synergy is greatly appreciated.) It was quite a sight, one you can witness by clicking this link.

So violent was the collision of lumberjack bat and ball, it caused on-deck hitter Delmon Young to react in a most peculiar way.

Am I safe in calling that a squeal? A squeal of delight or a squeal of terror, I’m not 100% sure. It looked a lot like a genuine expression of fear, provoked by a genuine display of brute strength.

Seems the hard-working people of a the American Midwest are affecting Delmon Young. Everybody in Minnesota is just so damn honest, even if they’re lying to themselves a little with the outpouring of love for Thome. Of the near 600 home runs in his career, just 32 have come in a Twins uniform.

Semantics, really. He’s Jim Thome! Who doesn’t love him? Heretics, that’s who. May he mash taters forever.

For more fun, check out the GIF of the affair just tweeted out by Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing and SB Nation.