My esteemed colleague Andrew Stoeten and I took to the webcasting airwaves once again yesterday afternoon to talk about the Toronto Blue Jays. This time we were moderated by someone best enjoyed in moderation, our podcasting cohort Drew Fairservice. Of course our conversation touched on all the latest news from Blue Jays nation including Jesse Litsch’s demotion, Octavio Dotel’s future with the team and Luis Perez’s surprising performance so far this year.

In other words, it was a hell of a show. So here it is in it’s entirety (if highlights are more your thing, be sure to check out theMLB video page):

If our collective handsomeness is too much for you, check out the audio version:

You can also download the entire episode for later consumption by right clicking or control clicking here.

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  1. The other day the question of “Aces’ came up.

    Felix is an ace, and he’s young (25).

    Rumours that he may be available seem crazy. The “he’ll never come here” crowd is sure to sass any post that even thinks he might.

    What’s his contract like? Does he have a full no-trade clause? If he doesn’t – dare we dream?

    If the Jays are serious about contending while Bautista is in his prime, then I think he’s a player, no THE player, they should fork out the kitchen sink for.

    Talk some sense (in)to me!

  2. re: snider not in right field – pat tabler says the ball tends to tail away from the outfielders, therefore keep the lefty in left and the righty in right. which is ridiculous if we’re thinking about running this guy out in center.

  3. Mike check…check, one two, check one two.

    Then, action.

  4. Guys, I’ve been wanting Dotel gone since the day he was signed…BUT over the last two months his ERA is 1.07 he’s walked only 3 in over 16 IP, and allowed only one homer and a .493 OPS against.

    On the whole season his ERA+ is pretty close to Frasors, the same as Villianueva’s, and better than Perez. and considerably better than Rauch Camp and of course Francisco.

    It would be quite insane to DFA Dotel any time soon. I do want to see some relievers traded and i wouldn’t mind if he were the first out the door – but the idea he has no value is, IMO, considerably under-informed – with all due respect.

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