The San Francisco Giants are expected to be quite active on the trade market as this year’s deadline approaches. With a moribund offense, big name players like Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran are often connected to the Giants.

In what can be best classed as a blessing in disguise, Miguel Tejada injured his atrophying muscles against the Dodgers on Monday night. The resulting roster move might prove to be the offensive infusion the Giants desperately need, without emptying their system of all worthwhile prospects.

The Giants opted to call-up Getting Blanked favorite Brandon Belt, he of gaudy minor league numbers and a whirlwind of hype. Belt responded with two huge hits in his first start Tuesday, an early solo home run and a clutch 2-run double to ice the game.

Losing Tejada helps the Giants as it not only brings Belt back to the big leagues, stealing playing time for bouncing dead cat Aubrey Huff, but it also keeps Bruce Bochy from playing Tejada in any capacity. Sure, replacement shortstop Brandon Crawford is no great shakes with the stick (despite his rather decent mane) but Tejada is a true sinkhole.

The Giants did make a small move that may provide decent dividends, acquiring Jeff Keppinger from the Astros in exchange for a bag of wet hair. Keppinger offers league-average offense from the shortstop position and could net the Giants some draft picks via his Type A free agent status.

Taking at bats from Tejada and Huff might just save the Giants offense from itself. Of course, adding Carlos Beltran certainly won’t hurt their chances. The cost of bringing in Keppinger and Belt is much lower for the defending champs and may even pay off down the road.