Unless this lightning-paced getaway special ends before I can type this sentence, you can catch Parkes, Stoeten and I for a good, old-fashioned, post-game stream!

No doubt we will tackle the hard-hitting issues of the day. Like the Jays reported interest in playing Lucky Pierre in a perspective Heath Bell trade or social deviants interfering with balls in play, for example.

Hit @DustinParkes and @AndrewStoeten with your questions and comments and @DrewGROF with the crassest innuendos you can muster. Use the hashtag #Marinerds in honour of the inept opposition on this day.

Click here to join the live stream at the game’s conclusion.

The live chat will, of course, be up and running during the stream, find it after the cut. The chat is always a good source for Jays’ commentary and we mine it for comments and questions with a dogged intensity usually reserved for shaving.

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  1. Is E5 trade material? His numbers continue to climb, and though his defense is terrible – might he generate some interest that could land the Jays some picks etc? At the beginning of the year that was a crazy notion – but now that he’s had a good July he’s all of a sudden got “respectable” numbers.

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