True story: When Gary Sheffield was growing up, he lived in the projects near Tampa, with his uncle, some guy named Dwight Gooden.

I’m not sure if Gooden had anything to do with the herky jerky chaos that is The Sheff’s batting stance, but the only way he could look more coked up at the plate was if his teeth were more clenched and he constantly insisted on listening to Interpol while standing in the batter’s box.

This is the second of a ten part series that The Score is producing on the oddest batting stances in baseball.

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  1. Im guessing Mickey Tettleton or Rickey Henderson will be at the top. Looking forward to the list.

  2. I’ll be really dissapointed if Ichiro doesn’t make this list. His whole routine is mesmerizing.

  3. What’s the point if there’s no video of an actual at bat? It doesn’t work for Sheffield if you can’t see him wiggle the bat he did as the pitch is delivered.

  4. Yeah… if the rest of this series consists of just pictures of their batting stance… don’t waste anymore time. I know MLB is tight with their video use but seriously you guys don’t have any footage if these guys in your video archives?

  5. Don’t forget about me!

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