True story: Despite being referred to as a convert to Judaism in Adam Sandler’s The Chanukah Song, Hall of Famer Rod Carew has never formally made that commitment. The confusion is somewhat understandable however. According to Wikipedia, Carew is married to a Jewish woman and his three daughters have been raised in a traditional Jewish fashion.

Despite the mix up over his religion, there’s no mistaking that Carew’s batting stance is an odd one. Segue! The Mike Toth school of journalism, everyone.

This is the fourth of a ten part series that The Score is producing on the oddest batting stances in baseball.

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  1. This is the fourth of a ten part series that The Score is producing called “Countdown to Tony Batista.”

  2. RE: the MTL comment on MLB, I would love to see Rogers get involved for Jays AAA team and help build a park, say at U. of Sherbrooke (at Longueuil/Sherbrooke Metro stop) with this PNC-like view from homeplate seats back across river to downtown:

    That is a cable content play to have French sports content for a regional Quebec sports channel and then Rogers can piggy back on with some english feed for a Jays/MLB channel like Raptors/NBA or Leafs TV

    Can also be a regional park for university/college baseball in Montreal area. McGill won the CIBA national baseball championship recently; Concordia also has a team. Add in a couple of jays exhibition games, or even a series during the year (who cares if it only gets 5 to 10 k in the park, maybe temporary bleachers could get you another 10K or so, it would be a ratings bonanza)

  3. Sorry, all of this is in reference to DP’s tweet here:!/dustinparkes/status/95490551914311681

  4. Holy smokes, when did Shawn Green turn from “dreamboat” to “creepy next door neighbour”?

  5. what is that great song?

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