What Was Good About Last Night

The best part about the Texas Rangers’ 20-6 dismantling of the Minnesota Twins wasn’t:

  • That we get to hear analogies to football scores this morning;
  • That Michael Cuddyer got to play three different positions last night, including pitcher;
  • That Ron Gardenhire did the most Ron Gardenhirest thing ever by calling for an intentional walk of Mike Napoli with the score 9-1; or
  • That it gave NotGraphs the opportunity to make this animated GIF.

Nope. None of that stuff.

The best part of last night’s blow out victory in Texas is that this is even more ridiculous than before:

The San Francisco Giants have a record of 59-43, with a winning percentage of .578. The Texas Rangers have a record of 59-44, with a winning percentage of .573. If these two teams were in the same division, the Rangers would be a half game back of the Giants. And yet, Texas has a run differential of +95, while San Francisco have only scored 19 more runs than they’ve allowed.

If we take the comparison between last year’s World Series competitors a bit further, we find that only the Philadelphia Phillies have allowed fewer runs than the Giants, just as only the Boston Red Sox have scored more runs than the Rangers. Texas have scored a total of 526 runs this season, while San Francisco have only scored 369. Only three other teams have scored fewer runs than the Giants, and as you may have guessed, none of those teams are in first place in their divisions.

In summation: The San Francisco Giants need Carlos Beltran a whole lot more than the Texas Rangers.