Oh yeah, football? Think you’re pretty cool with your billion dollar TV deals and uneasy labor peace? You think you can stroll in and wipe baseball off the front pages of the continent’s sports sites?


A massive, three-way deal and another potential superstar on the move isn’t enough to know baseball means business? How does a no-hitter grab you?

Ervin Santana dealt a serious blow to the “Indians are for real” argument by dominating the Tribe’s getaway day lineup, striking out 10 against only one walk. The Indians did scratch across a run when real person Ezequiel Carrera reached on an error, stole second base, went to third on a ground out then scampered home a wild pitch.

Santana got stronger as the game progressed, striking out 5 straight batters at one point late in the game. He coaxed 13 ground balls out of the complicit Tribe, who also made 5 errors of their own. Hardly a banner day for Cleveland baseball.

Hat’s off to you, Ervin Santana. You managed to upstage blockbuster trades, 19-inning marathon that ended in controversy, and the Mariners potentially losing their 17th game in a row. That takes doing.