Hey Colby, nice anti-Obama t-shirt. Welcome to socialist Canada, from all of us tree hugging, peace loving, pot smoking, pro choiceing, gay wedding, universal health caring, skin color-blinded, protestors of corporate greed who happen to also really like baseball.

Many thanks to comrade Matt Sebek for the picture and Todd Snider for writing the lyrics to Conservative Christian, Right Wing, Republican, Straight, White, American Males.

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    The beauty of our socialism and pot smoking is that we’re equally as tolerant of people who want to say things like Obama Sucks.

    Sure buddy whatever just hit bombs!

  2. So the real reason for the strife is that LaRussa took Pujols to the Glenn Beck rally instead of Rasmus.

  3. Uuuuummmm….Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister and Rob Ford is Mayor (shudder)…he will fit right in.

  4. He can always commute from Keswick right?

  5. Comment from fan on St. Louis Today article:

    “a little piece of inside information for everyone.. very few players on the team liked Colby.. he was a loner.. all he would ever do back in aaa was sit around with his girlfriend and smoke pot. That’s right i said it, he’s a pot head people. Maybe his personality makes more sense now that you know that. He’s been told all his life how good he is without ever having to prove himself. He’s at best an average major league baseball player with a sub average attitude. I for one am glad he is gone and I know a lot of the players on the cardinals team would agree.”

  6. Does anyone else notice the Evan Longoria jersey in the background?
    Also maybe with recent events he’d either a) see Obama’s the best the states could’ve hoped for, and b) Love Rob Ford…

  7. Don’t blame him, blame the US public school system.

  8. Yea I’m gonna file this under ‘not an issue’

  9. @steve

    “b) Love Rob Ford…”

    yer fucked bud. sorry.

  10. Did all this stuff come up about Escobar and Lawrie? They seemed to have worked out well so far.

    It’s a lot easier to change an attitude than a talent level.

  11. This is way less entertaining than Lawrie’s facebook photos. Edward-40-hands was way more controversial.

  12. Is he dating Bland from arrested development?

  13. Also, pothead? Is Puff, Puff, Pasmus an option as nickname?

  14. What about makign April 20th “Colby Rasmus Bobblehead Night”?

  15. Gonna have to hire Costanza as the assistant to the travelling secretary to check his luggage before he goes through customs

  16. @ Matt_CC

  17. He’d fit right in in most of rural Ontario, so I think he’ll be just fine.

  18. Nickname? Doobie Rastas. Commute from Keswick! Hilarious! Can’t wait to see him play.

  19. Hating on Harper and Ford is some sort of bullshit trend that nobody seems to need to have a reason for. It’s all very silly.

  20. No, you’re a baseball blog

  21. Go COLBY Go,show them all that you are real good ball player besides having a relaxing doobie after a game,nothing wrong with that,better then drinking 8 or 10 beer a night.

  22. @ Beau:

    Umm no, people hate on Rob Ford because he wants to:
    -Close libraries
    -Spend $200 000 dollars to remove and (possibly?) relocate bike lanes that cost $70 000 to install in the first place because they have added an average of 4min to peoples commutes
    -cut many services when he said he wouldn’t
    -potentially get rid of the green bin program
    -is all in all a total asshole

  23. Colby Rasmus may very well be an ignorant fucktard who thinks Obama is a socialist who wasn’t born in the United States. However, I say give Rasmus a chance. Many informed people on the left think Obama has been a terrible president too. Rasmus may have supported Obama during his election campaign but has been greatly dissapointed by his continuation of many Bush policies. Unfortunately, a suspect the reason for the shirt is better expained by the former than the latter. This asshole better be able to at least play some decent defence.

  24. Holy crap! He is dating Egg from AD! And nice to see so many people complain about Ford. I voted for him, and like most others in Toronto, would do so again. Too many stuckups in the downtown pay no attention to the ‘burbs, just take advantage of their tax base. Ford’s gonna take it back! And Rasmus is gonna help. :)

  25. The burbs? Don’t you guys vote for your own mayor?

    PS – LaRussa hates everyone.

  26. @Matt_CC

    No, people who don’t pay taxes hate Ford.

  27. By stuck ups do you mean over-priced apartment dwelling baseball lovers that would rather pay higher taxes than endure the complete holy fuck I’m dumb dumbness of the Ford brothers? There’s a reason why Toronto consistently ranked among the most liveable cities in the world and you’re baring witness to its devolution.

  28. Rob Ford is clearly out of his league now that he actually has to deliver. It’s great to toot your neo-con, god-fearing, rhetoric horn of ignorant “good old boy” bullshit, but the world is generally done with that attitude. As for Rasmus? I don’t give a shit as long as he can play some badass baseball. Fuck the suburbs and their baby factory, S.U.V. driving, Macdonalds eating bullshit too, Mr. Moss. :)

  29. Dont like talking politics on a baseball blog, but Moss needs to be educated a bit.
    I assume you arent familiar with the problem of the free rider principle?

    For example… Fords cuts the Vehicle Registration tax.
    Suburbanites hating paying to drive. But driving is never free.
    Who pays for the roads? Who pays for the air pollution? Who pays for the increase in emergency services because of accidents? Who pays for the extra time it takes for people to do their daily routine?

    Not saying all levels of government address these problems appropriately through taxation,,, but those who complain about taxes being too high, actually have no understanding of Modern Western history.

  30. Worst baseball discussion Ever.

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