Here’s what Alex Anthopoulos had to say following today’s enormous deal:

  • Hopes all prospects force his hand.
  • Loves that team has depth at premium positions.
  • Anthony Gose is only 20, gives him time to develop.
  • Colby Rasmus is a very good athlete, good on-base skills, tremendous raw power, runs well and is a five tool talent.
  • Zach Stewart was someone that the White Sox had liked for a while.
  • Depth at starting pitching made it easier to give Stewart up.
  • Intends on talking with Colby Rasmus once about his reputation in St. Louis and then moving on.
  • For the players to be named, the Cardinals have list of players.
  • St. Louis can choose any three by December 31st or take cash considerations.
  • Told John Mozeliak that he could get Edwin Jackson, then asked what it would take from there.
  • Teahen will be a bench player; Tallet is still hurt and Miller will be the lefty out of the bullpen.
  • Don’t expect more deals.
  • Brad Mills is up for one game.
  • New guys won’t arrive for tonight’s game.
  • Trever Miller was not acquired to be flipped.
  • If you’re arrogant, lazy, rub people wrong way, but a good guy at your core, that’s okay.
  • If you’re a bad guy, this team probably doesn’t want you.

Comments (11)

  1. so this was two distinct trades then…Trever Miller is also coming over

  2. “Don’t expect more deals.”

    PFFFFFFFFFT… suuuuuuure, AA.

  3. I wonder who is on the List?

    I bet that if St Louis resigns Pujols, they take the cash considerations.

  4. AA reminds me of Kevin Costner in Waterworld … you know, how he can change piss into potable water with some unknown machine.

  5. I hope Rasmus IS an asshole. Nice guys finish last. The Yankees have nothing but assholes and they seem to be doing OK. The HOF is full of assholes. Go Jay-holes!

  6. Man, I am so excited to watch Colby play.

    Not that I (or anyone, really) could know for sure, but I feel as though the clubhouse will welcome him with open arms and he will respond with a renewed intensity on the field. He can swap hunting stories with Cecil and talk BBQ with Snider. One half of the pastiest outfield ever.

    I’m looking forward to Colby Rasmus Georgia Mud Bog Night next year: girls in those awful straw cowboy hats, two-for-one Bud Light, line dancing, hog tying. Let’s make it happen Rogers.

  7. From what I’ve seen of Rasmus, Bud Light is way too highbrow for him.

    He’s going to be Rob Ford’s favourite player, though. Assuming Rob Ford even acknowledges that the Dome is used for anything other than Bills in Toronto games.

  8. Roberto Alomar was always my favorite player growing up. His home run in Game 6 of the ALCS against Dennis Eckersley is probably the second most important home run in Blue Jays history (after Joe Carter’s ’93 shot, of course). I’m so glad he’s been recognized by the Hall of Fame. Definitely a proud moment for Blue Jays fans!

  9. “Assuming Rob Ford even acknowledges that the Dome is used for anything other than Bills in Toronto games.”

    He was at the season opener. When he showed up on the jumbotron he got booed. haha

  10. So everyone keeps mentioning that Rasmus is some sort of red neck or something, can anyone give me the back story on that?

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