The Toronto Blue Jays have concluded a three team, eleven player deal also involving the Chicago White Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals to acquire center fielder Colby Rasmus.

Here’s how it all shakes out:

To Toronto:

  • Colby Rasmus (From St. Louis)
  • Brian Tallet (From St. Louis)
  • P.J. Walters (From St. Louis)
  • Trever Miller (From St. Louis)
  • Mark Teahen (From Chicago)

To St. Louis:

  • Edwin Jackson (From Chicago)
  • Marc Rzepczynski (From Toronto)
  • Octavio Dotel (From Toronto)
  • Corey Patterson (From Toronto)
  • Three players to be named later or cash considerations (From Toronto)

To Chicago:

  • Jason Frasor (From Toronto)
  • Zach Stewart (From Toronto)

Let’s go over the players involved in this massive transaction.

Jason Frasor

While Frasor has been an exemplary bullpen arm for the team, especially over the last three years, the bottom line is that he is a reliever. Any time you can use a reliever as part of a deal that ends up netting you elite talent, going for it should be a no brainer.

From a White Sox perspective, they get a very consistent reliever, one of the best non closers in baseball on a very good contract considering his team option for next year. And if they don’t want to pick up that option, they can let him go and get the same return as they would’ve if they had held on to Jackson.

Zach Stewart

Giving up Stewart pains me a whole lot less than most. I wasn’t very impressed with the soon to be 25 year old’s seeming inability to miss bats. The lack of offspeed stuff in his repertoire made me think he’d have difficulty as a starter in the AL East and end up finding more success in the bullpen anyway.

Despite my own opinion though, several others with a better pedigree for scouting, claim he’s a top prospect when his changeup is working for him. Either way, the White Sox get a young, controllable pitcher with a fairly good reputation in the baseball world.

I get the feeling though that many people think Stewart is younger than he actually is. Dominating Double A at the age of 24 isn’t really lighting the world on fire, and he hasn’t even been able to do that in New Hampshire this year.

Marc Rzepczynksi

With the wealth of starting pitching already in the team’s system, Marc Rzepczynksi was always going to have a hard time finding a place on this team, as evidenced by his move to the bullpen ahead of this season. After Luis Perez’s emergence as a bonafide left handed option out of the bullpen, his future became even more in doubt.

It will be interesting to see how the Cardinals handle Rzepczynksi. They obviously have a real need for a left hander in the bullpen right now, but after this season they could try to transition him back into being a starter. When he’s pitching his slider for strikes, Rzepczynksi is very difficult to hit. When he’s not, ugh. Not so hot.

Octavio Dotel

From the very moment that the ink dried on Dotel’s contract in Toronto, I was against it. With an already large cabal of right handed relievers he seemed to me to be an incredibly extraneous piece of the bullpen. His early results didn’t change my mind.

Of course, we all know the story with Dotel. He’ll get right handed batters out, but an average left handed hitter turns into Josh Hamilton when he faces Dotel. As we saw more recently, when used properly, Dotel can be a valuable piece of a bullpen. Hopefully for the sake of Cardinals fans, he’s used properly.

Corey Patterson

I still stand shocked remembering how much of this season Patterson spent hitting second in the Toronto Blue Jays lineup. Of his 340 total plate appearances this season, an astoundingly disgusting 275 came while batting second in the order.

Patterson had no present or future value in Toronto, and his inclusion in the deal must be as a means of providing additional depth to a suddenly lacking Cardinals outfield.

Mark Teahen

As for taking on the $5.5 million that Mark Teahen is owed next year, well, that’s just the cost of doing business. The Canadian third baseman and utility outfielder isn’t going to hold up another Canadian third baseman from eventually making his debut with the club. The White Sox saw the opportunity to shed some salary for next season and they included Teahen in the deal as a means of doing so.

Edwin Jackson

Jackson is exactly the type of consistent, yet unspectacular pitcher that you’d expect to bounce around a whole lot. His repertoire consists of a mid nineties four seamer, a mid nineties two seamer, a really good slider and an average changeup. He tends to overuse his slider, but fortunately that hasn’t resulted in any injury trouble for the 6’3″ right hander, having thrown 200+ innings the last two seasons and well on his way to doing so again. He’s a free agent at the end of this season and currently projects to be a Type B (barely).

Brian Tallet

I’m not sure why the Blue Jays wouldn’t want to see more of what Luis Perez can do, but I expect Tallett to fill in for Rzepczynski as a lefty out of the bullpen for the rest of the season before facing free agency. He, like Miller, isn’t projected to bring back any compensation for signing elsewhere.

He’s still nursing some injuries.

Trever Miller

The epitome of a LOOGY, Miller has made 39 appearances this season in St. Louis, but only pitched fifteen and two third innings. He’s a free agent at the end of this season,  but he’s not projected to bring back any compensation.

He’ll fill in as a lefty specialist until Tallet is ready to go.

P.J. Walters

Walters is a right handed pitcher that many pegged to replace Adam Wainwright after the Cardinals ace had Tommy John surgery. Unfortunately, an awful Spring Training didn’t do much to help his case, and he started the year in Triple A.

Walters boasts (I’m being generous here), a four seamer that occasionally touches the low nineties. What he lacks in velocity, he makes up for with the movement on his slider and changeup. Still, I don’t think we can look at Walters as much more than Triple A depth.

He has less than a full year of Major League service time.

Colby Rasmus

As I mentioned in the previous post, acquiring Colby Rasums is certainly exciting news for the Toronto Blue Jays, but it’s not without some risk. While the Blue Jays fill an immediate need and create potential trading chips further down the road, Rasmus hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire this season.

As a young, controllable center fielder who has experienced success at the Major League level, with both his bat and his glove, Rasmus sounds like a dream acquisition for any organization. However, there are a couple of warning signs that might scare off some suitors looking to compare his fantastic 2010 season (.366 wOBA) with his merely above average 2011 (.332 wOBA).

Most notable is his decreased BABIP (from .354 in 2010 to .291 in 2011) and HR/FB (from 14.8% in 2010 to 8.1% in 2011). While there’s some dispute as to what degree these numbers are associated with luck, a significant change in BABIP is almost always a good indicator of something else happening.

In the case of Rasmus, we can see two things leading to the lower batting average for balls in play: 1) He isn’t hitting the ball as often the opposite way; and 2) he’s getting dummied by changeups low and away far more often than last season (11.9% whiff rate in 2010 compared to a 18.1% whiff rate in 2011 on changeups).

There’s been a lot written in recent days about Rasmus’ apparent lack of willingness to listen to the coaches in St. Louis, and that’s not an issue that should be glossed over. There appear to be obvious holes in his swing, but any organization, especially one as well studied as the Blue Jays, would be aware of this, and have to believe that they can fix it.


The Toronto Blue Jays: As non competitors this season, GM Alex Anthopoulos swapped a pair of compensation picks (at best) in Frasor and Dotel, a player with no present or future value to the club in Patterson, and two fringe starters in Stewart and Rzepczynski for one of the most highly rated young center fielders in baseball. Of course, there’s a risk in any deal, but even without overstating how Rasmus will respond to a change of scenery, this looks like a very good trade from the Blue Jays perspective.

The Chicago White Sox: GM Kenny Williams drops some dead weight and picks up a veteran reliever among the best non closers in the league in Frasor. Stewart may or may not be the prospect that some say he is, but either way, Chicago only gives up a pitcher in Jackson who more than likely wouldn’t have returned to the team next season anyway. They improve their payroll for next year, essentially without risking their competitiveness this season in an American League Central Division that anyone can win. A very good deal for the White Sox.

The St. Louis Cardinals: It seemed as thought GM John Mozeliak wasn’t in the best of positions when it came to moving his young stud center fielder, and while we still don’t know the financial terms, it’s hard to imagine an amount of money going to St. Louis that would justify them giving up Rasmus for a right handed reliever who can’t face left handed batters, another reliever who admittedly does quite well against left handed batters, an outfielder who doesn’t look at home in center or either of the corners and Edwin Jackson, a three month rental, who is probably a number three starter in most rotations. The Cardinals definitely address some needs in the deal, but the cost just seems to be entirely too much. It’s makes me think of a rowing race in which one of the boats throw their best rower overboard to make the boat lighter.

Comments (145)

  1. I can’t stand up from behind my desk.


  2. It’s sad to see Stewart go, but RASMUS. Raging boner.

  3. Surely, we are sending more to the Cards than EJax?

  4. I’m so confident in Anthopoulos’ abilities I think next summer he’ll get my parents back together.

  5. Do you think that Rasmus is going to be uncomfortable with how many boners he has induced by coming to Toronto?

  6. Flipping the all-time appearances leader for Colby Rasmus? GOLD!

  7. This has the potential to be the Yunel deal all over again. Amazing.

  8. I was going to use Merry Rasmus for my blog. I’m glad to see that both you and Stoeten have already used it, because when I also use it, nobody will know who to accuse me of stealing it from.

  9. Wait, the Cardinals are taking Jackson straight-up for Rasmus. I feel a little better now. Still upset that Stewart is gone, but I will put this in the category of worth it for now.

  10. Somehow Stellek just compared this move to a NY Islanders waiver claim from the Florida Pathers.

  11. Welp, I have to go wash my underwear.

  12. Moises Sierra could be the prospect going to STL. Rasmus for E-Jax, Sierra or Thames and their choice of Rauch or Frankie?

    I love it. That still seems like too little so we’ll see.

  13. Never mind, more players to be added. Now I see. As long as the name Thames stays away, I am still OK with this.

  14. For anyone disappointed about Zach Stewart leaving, check out Kevin Goldstein’s tweets about him. Big prospect guy.

    Kevin Goldstein
    I’ve never understood people projecting Stewart as a No. 3 or even better starter. No. 4 or 8th inning guy is more realistic.

    Kevin Goldstein
    Future No. 2 starters are not in Double-A at almost 25 allowing more than a hit per inning.

    Kevin Goldstein
    No. RT @stealofhome: @Kevin_Goldstein do you think don cooper can work some magic on him and turn him into a three

    only positive thing he says is that he may become a solid reliever. two relievers for E-Jax? Solid. Relievers are dime a dozen in baseball.

  15. This is a fantastic trade for the White Sox, by the way.

  16. Really, Scott? Eric Thames is untouchable? Stealing this from someone on Twitter: I will drive Eric Thames to the airport if that’s what it takes to get Rasmus.

  17. No, Eric Thames along with Zach Stewart and Jason Frasor as well as a bad contract and maybe extra cash (I’d imagine it’s the Blue Jays giving money, it always seems to be) is too much for Colby Rasmus. If it was either Thames or Stewart and everything else, I’d feel much better.

    It’s the White Sox who performed the real coup with this trade. A starter they weren’t going to re-sign for someone who has a ceiling of a #2 or #3 starter plus an exceptional reliever.

  18. Eric Thames has been solid so far, but he doesn’t walk, and squabbling over a corner outfielder versus an impact bat at CF seems silly. Most prospect guys agree that Thames MIGHT end up being a contributor, probably as a 4th OF. Jays need to go after the huge potential guys to compete, and AA is being allowed to take these risks.

    Eric Thames is OLDER than Rasmus. You guys realize that right?

  19. Ok, so… theoretically speaking and all…. who do you play in center? Snider or Rasmus?

  20. Yeah, if the Jays only have to give up Stewart and Thames in terms of Prospects, AA just played another Jedi mind trick on everyone. Thames can clearly hit but his defense is unplayable and he’s blocked by Snider and Bautista anyway. Stewart is also clearly not a top of the rotation guy.

  21. Everyone has a ceiling, it’s how likely they are to reach it. Zach Stewart is likely never going to become a 2 or 3 starter. He’s 25 and not exactly dominating AA. When is he going to become a 2 or 3 guy in the big leagues?

  22. Didn’t the Jays convert Stewart back to a starter? Hadn’t the Reds reached the conclusion that he wasn’t meant for the rotation like 3 years ago?

  23. Gotta agree with Steve here. Despite the killer facial hair Thames’ future is nothing more than a DH here with Snider, CF, and Bautista (I don’t believe Snider should be filling that Center role). I like him, but if he helps us get Rasmus, it just makes a ton of sense.

    I know Goldstein is down on Stewart but Law had him at 44 in all of baseball coming into the season. I’m ok with giving him up but I’m slightly worried about what it will take to get Rasmus. Ultimately, it will probably be worth it, I just hope it doesn’t sting too much.

  24. Thames doesn’t exactly have a position. I wouldn’t have a problem dealing him at all.

  25. In the AL East, you always give away 4 or 5 mediocre guys for one elite guy. Stewart and Thames’ absolute ceiling is to be slightly above average.

  26. @Fullmer Fan… agreed and I don’t think anyone was projecting his offensive upside to be anymore than average for a corner outfielder. Not a terrible thing to have on your roster but not the high ceiling type of player that AA’s building around

  27. anyone concerned that rasmus is a pretty shitty CF?

  28. People Thames isn’t involved in this Deal.

  29. If you just look at the ChiSox Jays part of this deal, the White Sox are making out like bandits.

    Jackson was an impending FA that they likely wouldn’t resign. So for them, it’s Teahan for Stewart
    and cash. Don’t rule out one of their fringe prospects going to the Cards as part of this 3 team deal.

  30. @yt Just leave. You really haven’t been watching the defensive struggles of the Jays outfielders this year (minus Bautista). Rasmus is a step up defensively and can hit. I bet you are a band-wagoning Maple Leaf fan who has no idea about any summer sport but picking his own arse.

  31. With Thames you have to stop looking at what prospect guys say at some point and start looking at numbers. His numbers have been fantastic for 2 years now, and in the majors he has been better than Travis Snider. I’m not saying Eric Thames is better than Colby Rasmus. I’m saying everything the blue jays are giving up here is too much.

    Rasmus has hit a decline this year. It may be nothing, he’s still very young. His numbers even last year were good, but not elite. This year they are about average. He may snap out of it and continue progressing until he is elite. He may only be what he was last year. Or he may be Eric Hinske. It’s a lot to give up for a bunch of maybes.

  32. yt, Rasmus is still a better CF defensively than anybody else the Jays have on the roster. And he can hit (or at least he could, before La Russa sucked the life out of him this season).

  33. just gonna throw this out there for 2012…

    2B/SS Escobar
    CF Rasmus
    1B Pujols/Fielder
    RF Bautista
    DH Lind
    3B Lawrie
    LF Snider
    C Arencibia/D’Arnaud
    2B/SS Heche/Hill/other


  34. And the Blue Jays are saying Thames is not involved. No reason for them to tell the truth though. This deal may not do through yet.

  35. ok, but if we’re going to say that Robbie Alomar was the Jays’ Jeter, then I think we should take note that Rasmus is a fast guy with a good jump that ALREADY plays below average defense in CF which as he ages is likely to get worse unless he improves his noodle arm and poor accuracy from what I can tell.

  36. Eric Thames is also 25 years old. 2 years older than Snider, and a year older than Rasmus. Eric Thames is going to be an average player at best in the big leagues, and you don’t with the AL East with average players. Go big or go home. Also Jays fans, get ready to swallow the reality of losing a top prospect for Rasmus.

  37. The Blue Jays have no reason to go after Pujols or Fielder anymore. The Lind at 1st experiment has been a success. With Rasmus, the Blue Jays hitting will be right where they need it to be. The pitching needs development time, a few more good arms in the bullpen, and maybe one more starter.

  38. KLaw is very high on Stewart. But, Rasmus already has a 4.3 fWAR season under his belt and is still only 24.

    I am a big Thames fan, and he has been great on my AL-only fantasy team, but I really worry about his ability to get on base and hit LHPing in the long run.

    I really like this trade so far.

  39. Anyone know if Teahan can play second base?

  40. I’m guessing it’s going to be Dotel and Sierra to the Cards.

    Sierra, Stewart and one or two supplemental draft picks for Rasmus?

    I’ll take that any day of the week.

  41. Apparently Gose’s name has been tossed around. Ugh. That’s someone that would be disappointing to lose.

  42. Allen, how do you know he is going to be average? He’s already been above average in the admittedly small sample size he has, and he hasn’t reached his prime yet . It seems like one of those cases where the guy found something in his swing in the minors and it took the prospect guys a while to pick up on it. You are still going on prospect reports that he’s going to be average. I’m looking at two years worth of statistics and saying he has an excellent chance of being above average.

  43. Allan

    Gose is already 0-1 today in NH’s game. He aint being moved.

  44. Dotel and Rzep with Jackson is the latest word. No prospects from the farm.

    Rzep is the only reliever that I would have a hard time seeing go. But I’ve made my peace if that’s how it turns out.

  45. Gose would make so much sense. With Rasmus, he’d be blocked. And, Allen, I’m shocked you’d hurt to lose Gose and not care about Thames. Gose has always been a high ceiling he’ll be great if he can hit guy. And he hasn’t shown any inkling that he is able to hit.

  46. A tiny walk rate and a big k rate, along with a high BABIP (he has consistently had high through his career, so it may be for real) makes an average corner outfielder. Nothing to get incredibly excited over. Especially with Snider/Bautista blocking him.

  47. hahahahah @ cardinals if they are actually accepting Jackson, Zep, and Dotel for Rasmus.

    Buster Olney
    Assuming that the Jackson/Rzepczynski/Dotel for Rasmus deal is done,at year’s end,STL will have a lefty reliever/draft pick for Colby Rasmus

    couldn’t say it better myself.

  48. Why is anybody freaking out about Thames? Ok so he may get reduced playing time, but he can also DH for the time being, or play OF if the Jays move EE and switch Bautista back to 3rd.

  49. If it is Rzep and Dotel then the trade works out as the following for Rasmus:

    Rzep, Dotel, Frasor, Stewart and Cash. Basically for next year’s Jays it’s Rzep, Stewart and a draft
    pick or 2 for Rasmus.

    A tonne of bullpen arms and a top (over rated?) prospect for a 24 year old, potential 5 tool CF?


  50. Are you serious? Just Dotel, Rzepcynski and Jackson? The Blue Jays will need to completely revamp their bullpen this offseason, but they have the resources to do that. The Cardinals were just fleeced.

    Wow. I am reallly happy right now.

  51. I concur yt. I don’t know where all this ‘good centerfielder’ talk is coming from. Defensive metrics say he’s crappy.

  52. Well, I’m going to miss the Zipper… what am I saying, I don’t care at all. COLBY RASMUS! Gotta ask though, do we have ANY relievers left?

  53. As a fan I am sad to Rzep go, but his long term value to winning is much less as a reliever than as a starter.

    Dotel is a type-B, but a Type-B that may not yield a draft pick unless it is written in his contract that he will reject arb.

    Zach Stewart (a good prospect)
    RZep ( a great reliever at best)
    2 supplemental draft picks

    for Rasmus (a top prospect playing a premium position with a 4.3 fWAR season under his belt)

    = Great deal for the Bluejays

  54. They have Rauch, Francisco, uhh…Janssen if he gets healthy again. Why didn’t they just keep Reyes and move him to the bullpen if they were going to empty out their relief corps?

  55. Good news Jays Fans! MLB just announced that games are now going toend after 6 innings!

  56. Dotel and Frasor weren’t in the plans beyond this year.

    Rzep and Stewart are losses, but with all the young arms in the system they can likely be
    replaced from within the organization without suffering much. You can always find relievers.

    With a change of scenery, Rasmus could be a stud for the next decade.

    I think the Jays are the clear winner if it plays out like this.

  57. @Scott. hindsight is 20/20. They may not have DFA’d him if they knew RZep would be moving.

  58. When it comes down to it, AA basically gave up 3 relievers and a backend starter for Colby Rasmus.

    Incredible. Farewell Jason Frasor, you were a solid Blue Jay throughout your career! It’s just human nature to forget the 20 good things you do and remember the 1 bad. Zep, you were alright too, Dotel can get out (at least TLR will use him in the right situations) and Zach Stewart, we hardly knew ye.

  59. It really can’t be Dotel, Rzep and Jackson. Like, I think the commissioner’s office would have to step in and do something about that.

    I’m pumped and fine with Rasmus at CF for now, and its an upgrade over what we have (as others have said). Upton would have been better defensively, but with Rasmus under team control til 2014 he is by far a better option.

  60. I like this, but I’m really hoping for a good 60 or so games out of Rasmus, Snider and Lawrie to help attract FAs here in the offseason without the need for extremely stupid contracts. The last thing this team needs is to start paying someone 3x as much as JBau, for them only to decide that there is no reason to play or train hard.

  61. Dexter, the White Sox are the clear winners of this trade, but the Jays came out a winner if it turns out like this. And you know what, the Cardinals are competing this year, Rasmus wasn’t much likely to help them as much as the pitchers they got back. So it kind of works out for everyone.

  62. TLR will use Dotel against lefties because TLR is GENIUS!

  63. Decent bullpens seem to be easy for the Jays to assemble.

  64. @ Scott:

    I am pretty sure than can still put JoJo back on the 25 man and put him in the bullpen.

  65. Luis Perez, this is your life!

  66. So Thames and Davis are now clearly the 4th and 5th OF’s once Bautista moves back…….or does this maybe mean that Lawrie is going voer the 2nd and J-Bau sticks at 3rd into next year?…slim chance I think but definitely a debate to be had.

  67. LOL @Scott did you just say anthony gose hasn’t shown he can hit?? He’s hit 10HR while stroking a .250/350/402 slash line…all at the age of 20 in AA…he’s hit for more power in double AA than Lawrie did when he was the same age as Gose FYI

  68. So the C-Patt experiment is over right??!

  69. Davis/Thames Platoon!

    JBau to 2B!

  70. Huge pickup for the Jays.

    Now all we have to do is trade Rauch, Camp and David Cooper for Ubaldo Jiminez and the roster turnover is complete. :)

  71. “Taking advantage of teams with old managers who can’t get along with new gen players is the new market inefficiency. “

  72. I think McCoy, not Patterson, is the immediate odd man out given Teahan’s flexibility.

    long term Patterson is gone of course.

  73. Check out the reaction from cardinals fans for a good laugh. This actually makes me sad:

  74. Outfield log-jam: does this signal the end of Adam Loewen? Rajai Davis? Eric Thames?

    C-Patt is DFA material for sure. At best we will trade him for a PTBNL.

  75. @Buster_ESPN
    Buster Olney
    The trade: Colby Rasmus, Trever Miller, Brian Tallet and P.J. Walters for Jackson, Marc Rzepczynski, Dotel and Corey Patterson


  76. Scott, there is one impact player in this trade, and its Colby Rasmus. That makes the Jays the winner. And I am in no way biased… Heath Bell!!!

  77. We get Tallet back!

  78. So how will Snider, Rasmus, Bautista, Thames, and evenually Lawrie all play corner outfield?

  79. Moist Tallet – the Mop Up Man.

  80. Taller isn’t by any chance a Type B FA next year? That would be way too much to ask.

  81. Sorry.

    Meant to say Tallet


  83. i remember Miller too!

    PJ Walters looks like a AAAA starter. Future bullpen material? Good K rate in AAA.

  84. Jays trade away good middle relief, prospect in return for blue-chip CF prospect, bevy of guys with great baseball names.

  85. This is Playstation trading. Seriously – Patterson?

  86. Well, stubbs: One of Bautista or Lawrie is playing third base. One of Thames or Lawrie is DHing (sorry Edwin), and Rasmus is playing centre. We’re all good until Gose gets up. And by then someone will surely be gone. (Probably Thames, he is the worst of those players).

  87. This trade was looking great until Brian Tallet was traded to the Bluejays

  88. Playstation rejects this trade.

  89. brian tallet was awesome before the jays experimented with the jojo reyes treatment on him

  90. oh come on craig, we traded corey patterson!! corey patterson! another team ACTUALLY wanted corey patterson! now farrell can’t play him anymore.

  91. I agree Craig, now it’s amazing!

  92. Tallet was good until Cito ruined him. Cito ruined Jesse Carlson too.

  93. Cito may have ruined Accardo too

  94. So is this the end of the Snider-in-centre experiment? Rasmus may be a centrefielder but apparently not a very good one.

  95. Sums it up nicely:

    “What the hell kind of trade involves 3-4 people who should be DFA’d?”

  96. What Corey Patterson is in the trade! Nails!

  97. Wow. I’m so happy AA knew to pick up Brian Tallet. This is the happiest baseball day ever! I just spend most of my lunch hour cackling over that Cardinal’s blog.

    1st post: NOOOOOOOOOOO
    2nd post: NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I think we might’ve won this one…

  98. @mP Maybe JoJo will end up in the trade as well

  99. Greatest trade ever or just the greatest trade of all time?

  100. If I would have proposed this trade in the comments yesterday how badly would I have been ripped? How long can Jays go on killing trades like this before no one trades with AA.

  101. Can we please stop calling everything an ‘experiment’? I think your ‘blog-commenting experiment’ is a failure.

  102. AA made the Napoli-Francisco deal just so other teams would keep trading with him. It all makes sense now.

  103. the development of the Tallet-technique has yet to yield a positive result in the eyes of the fans.

  104. Parkes,

    Just because you paint yourself as a lesser scout than other legitimate scouts doesn’t lead any substance to your insistence of being thought of as a scout. Stop the campaigning, you’re a fan with an internet access, smart analysis (based on real scouts descriptions) and that’s it. Leave it at that and stop trying to escalate your opinion to anything other than what it is.

  105. Caller for Stellecktricy thinks the Jays lost the deal because they gave up too many relievers. He doesn’t understand why we didn’t just slot Jackson in the rotation to make a playoff push. He also wants to know why Reyes is still in the rotation.

    Holy fuck…

  106. @Matt_CC: SPORTS RADIO!

  107. This is a day of happiness John!

  108. The Silent Assassin strikes again. We lost a good biy of middling to good talent in ths deal. I,ll miss Frasor and Scrabble. I think Pat Gillick said that you have to look at who gets the best player in the deal to. See who wins. That would be the Jays.

  109. Can the Jays pull Jo Jo back off waivers and put him on the 25 man?

    Not that he’s earned the spot, but when you’re 10 games out of the wildcard and trading half the
    bullpen…. why not?

  110. I know we’re all celebrating wildly right now, but a moment of silence for Jason Frasor as a Blue Jay. An extremely competent reliever who was always far too unappreciated by the fan base at large. Probably the best reliever on the team this year. We will all miss you.


    Ok, so when does Rasmus get here?!?

  111. Excuse my atrocious grammar in the last post please.

  112. You forget to do a write up for Corey Patterson . This could have been easily summarized in one sentence: “An addition by subtraction for the Blue Jays.”

  113. So where do we get the Rasmus jerseys?

  114. With the addition of a 1B/DH type and a decent 2B this offseason, the Jays will be of the best teams in baseball in 2012. The time to spend is now.

  115. Kickin’ Up Dirt!!!!

  116. er… Mud.


  117. Fullmer Fan. I think the Blue Jays hitting is exactly where it needs to be once Lawrie comes up (maybe the 2nd baseman). The pitching is what needs work. They are in the bottom third of the American league in runs against this year.

    So, they are a bullpen and a starter in the 2-3 range away. That starter may turn out to be Kyle Drabek, but I don’t think he’s there quite yet.

  118. scott,
    i think the jays need an ace. especially if they plan on playing short playoff series in the near future.
    The guy to get after is King Felix before he becomes a Yankee.

  119. I got mocked on all kinds of jays blogs for suggesting on jaystalk that we could get Rasmus for Patterson Thames and some relievers. Turns out we can keep Thames. Fuckin eh!

  120. “How long can Jays go on killing trades like this before no one trades with AA.”

    People still traded with Cliff Fletcher after the Gilmour for Leeman deal. Don’t sweat it; GMs always think they’re smarter than the other guy.

    My big question is exactly what Jedi Mind Trick AA uses to pull this stuff off. This isn’t as ludicrous as Wells, but it’s pretty bad.

  121. Also – the Cards’ blog thread gets funnier once they know they got Patterson. MUCH funnier.

  122. @Kiddie
    You probably didn’t include Stewart. He is what made this deal happen and is a much better prospect than Thames.

  123. Can anybody else see the leadoff man changing as a result of this trade? i.e the line up going:

    Ramsus (L), Escobar (R), Lind (L), Bautista (R), Snider (L), Edwin (R), Thames (L), Hill (R)???

    I know JF like a lefty batting second but Ramsus has more speed/is a better baserunner than escobar!

  124. Stephen: The big thing to remember here is what no one is paying attention to – the money.

    This is how AA uses Rogers’ finances to get things done. Pretty cool, but eventually he’s going to have to make a big FA splash. If Rogers eventually spends on payroll at the same time as the farm, and at a similar pace. Jays fans can start thinking the word ‘dynasty’ in earnest.
    Skydome is a decent stadium, btw. The sight lines are great everywhere. I think they should invest in turning the field to grass to preserve the legs of Rasmus, and to attract more FAs. If they still want to rent it out for the occasional U2 concert, let U2 pay for a crew to cover the field in a way that doesn’t damage the grass.

  125. I hope Tallet still has that mustache.

  126. yt: What do the Argos do? You can’t leave the mound & bases for football.

  127. 1) Escobar R
    2) Snider L
    3) Bautista R
    4) Lind L
    5) Rasmus L
    6) Edwin R
    7) Thames L
    8) Arencibia R
    9) Hill R

    looks like we might need to bat some lefties back to back.

  128. It will be very interesting to see where Thames and Davis get their playing time moving forward. One can only expect a Lawrie call up imminently.

    1) Escobar
    2) Rasmus
    3) Bautista
    4) Lind
    5) Snider
    6) Lawrie
    7) Edwin/Thames
    8) Arencibia
    9) Hill

  129. Provan: Play their home games @ Varsity/York and/or build a new stadium. Who cares?

  130. All that’s left is to flip Rauch & Francisco into a all-star second baseball.

  131. Am I wrong, or if we can get Jose Reyes in the off season is our positional player line up complete?

  132. All that’s left is to flip Rauch & Francisco into a all-star second baseman.

  133. @Chris – Thames and Davis make for good bench/platoon players. Davis is decent on the bench to pinch-run later in the game when the team just needs one extra run and some havoc on the paths.

  134. A Thames/Davis platoon has potential, but may make Thames a platoon guy permanently.

  135. This deal is insanely good…but given that, shouldn’t we be holding our breath a bit? THREE players-to-be-named later might indicate another decent prospect or two has yet to be traded.

  136. @dougiejays Not really, if its 3 PTBNL or CASH then its very likely that those PTBNL are not high end prospects.

  137. Terrifying moment: On BR’s stats page for Rasmus, 7th on the list of comparable players through
    age 23, is one Corey Patterson.

  138. “The sight lines are great everywhere.”

    Unless you’re in one of the seats that doesn’t face home plate.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the Dome just fine, but it’s a better football / concert / Wrestlemania venue than it is a ballpark. Although if they ever actually improved the fucking food that would go a long way to covering over the sins of its design.

    And, yeah, grass just isn’t practical in a multi-use stadium this far north.

  139. I really enjoyed the fact that Yahoo’s america-centric MLB page used the headline “Cardinals get Jackson” to describe this deal. That is so obviously the take-home message from today right??

    Rasmus for Premier of Upper Canada

  140. @Stephen

    Agreed on the food. The beer is bad too. Safeco in Seattle is a 100x better park and the food and beer are not even comparable.

  141. Safeco is an awesome place to watch a game. It’s a shame that we couldn’t just pick that up, make some minor weather-related modifications, and plunk it down on the Dome’s footprint.

    Of course, we’d still probably have crappy food that makes us all wish for the good old days when McDonald’s catered everything.

  142. So I guess this means Lunchbox goes to RF? I think we might have the best outfeild as far as hitting goes in the Majors. Take that Angels!

    In AA we trust!

  143. @Chris hopefully Davis’ playing time is fairly non-existent going forward.


    1. Escobar – SS
    2. Rasmus – CF
    3. JoeyBats – RF
    4. Lind – 1B
    5. Lawrie – 3B
    6. Snider – LF
    7. Thames/EE – DH
    8. Hill – 2B
    9. JPA – C

  144. I’ve had a boner all day and I don’t even have a penis! AA is the Greek god of trades.

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