Shortly after yesterday’s trade, Andrew Stoeten and I spoke with Aaron Schafer, who covers the St. Louis Cardinals for Viva El Birdos and the Riverfront Times, about Colby Rasmus, his potential, his problems with Tony LaRussa and how Cards fans are coping with the deal that brought them Edwin Jackson, Marc Rzepczynski, Octavio Dotel and Corey Patterson.

For your listening pleasure, allow me to present our special edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast:

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Comments (15)

  1. would be awesome if colby doesn’t end up wearing #28.

  2. Hahaha. I thought the same thing, but I think it’s already been decided.

  3. Best part is the girlish giggles as you say “Dotel” and “Patterson”

  4. Alex Anthopoulos: Hey Kenny, I’ll give you my bologna sandwich for your Philly Cheesesteak.
    Kenny Williams: Deal!
    John Mozeliak: Can I have half of it?
    AA: Well, I guess…but give me Johnnie Walker Blue Label.
    John, turning to Kenny: Sound good to you, Kenny?
    Kenny Williams: DEAL!

  5. what is the band playing before the Aaron Schafer interview?

  6. That’s my jersey, he better wear #28!!
    Great podcast as always, Parkes.

  7. The MP3 link is bad.

  8. OBJW – better hope AA doesn’t flip Rasmus this weekend for a player he’s REALLY been targeting…

  9. That should do ‘er.

  10. The Constantines are playing at the beginning and the end of the program.

  11. But who is the female fronted song before the interview?

  12. Steve: Hahaha oh god that would be terrible.

  13. Why can’t I listened to you stream on me while i’m at work!! Not fair, since I wanted to be showered with gold information about Rasmus.


  14. Past two deadlines AA has flipped Rzep, Alex Gonzalez and “extra arms” for Colby Rasmus and Yunel Escobar.

    You would think other teams would realize the genius that is the Silent Assassin.

  15. The band playing on the first segment break is called Wise Girl.
    They’re on myspace if you wanna look them up.
    Thanks for listening to the show!

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