When Idiots Collide

Over the last couple of days, studious readers of MLB Trade Rumors and followers of baseball rumormongers on Twitter were treated to a steady stream of reports on conversations between the Minnesota Twins and the Washington Nationals involving center fielder Denard Span and young reliever Drew Storen.

While Storen is certainly a more valuable asset than Matt Capps, whom the Twins acquired from the Nationals last year for catching prospect Wilson Ramos, the idea of Minnesota once again giving up a young, under control, position player to acquire a reliever had most pundits scratching their heads. These writers would have to keep scratching their heads until they got to their prefrontal cortex in order to understand why the Twins would want to rid themselves of one of the top ten center fielders in the league who’s locked up at a reduced rate until 2014, with a club option for 2015, for a relief pitcher (even one of Storen’s quality and youth)?

Thankfully for Minnesota GM Bill Smith, he has someone looking out for him during trade deadline negotiations. Surprisingly, this guardian trade angel has come in the form of Washington Nationals GM Mike Rizzo who, according to a source who spoke with MLB.com writer Bill Ladson, would be unwilling to trade Storen for Span.

They say that sometimes the smartest trades are the ones you don’t make. In this case, the smartest trade is the one that wasn’t made because both sides don’t seem to have a [Getting Blanked]ing clue what they’re doing. The negotiation process between Smith and Rizzo is the equivalent of two people making out dressed in bio hazard suits. Nothing good is ever going to happen.