Why would a baseball blog honour the lead singer of Rush on his 58th birthday? Well, there’s the fact that the entire three rows directly behind home plate at Rogers Centre in Toronto are unofficially referred to as the Geddy Lee section, because of his looming presence there when his band isn’t on tour.

Then, there’s also this little feature from TSN on Lee and bandmate Alex Lifeson taking batting practice with the California Angels in 1992.

Then, there’s this video evidence of his raging nerd on for fantasy baseball:

But most importantly, there’s this:

And this:

Which are the only things in the world that allow us to forgive him for this:

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  1. You should also dedicate this post, like the album 2112, to the “genius of Ayn Rand”.

  2. Geddy Lee’s baseball obsession > Neil Peart’s Ayn Rand obsession

  3. Also, I hope they have revised those categories. Catcher’s wins? That’s an even more useless stat than pitcher’s wins.

  4. 58 and still alppin’ da bass, mon!

    Best concert I’ve ever been to was Rush at Molson Amphitheater.

    They should totally auction off a ticket package to watch the game with Geddy Lee during the next Jays Live Charity Auction Thingy.

    I always thought it was pretty awesome that Gregg Zaun used Limelight as his at bat music.

  5. Don’t forget the most important fact – his generous donation to the Negro league museum in Kansas City


  6. King_Cats,

    In Fantasy baseball, sometimes you just need categories that make the game more fun. My league uses Holds so that non-closing relievers have more value. Holds is a worse stat than Saves, yet I find that it makes the league much more fun.

    And because of Holds, I just got Colby Rasmus for Marc Rzep! (its an AL-only league)

  7. Geddy Lee and Chris Squire, two best rock bassists going, first saw Lee in late 70′s in Glasgow Scotland, JPA keeps the Geddy Lee presence with his intro music when Lee not at RC .

    Wonder what Geddy will do tour wise if the Jays do become real contenders in next few years , no rush touring in Septembers ?

  8. @JRock I’m actually a fan of the holds category. Yeah it’s kind of a stupid category on its own but having it restores some balance to reliever value. I much prefer to have both holds and saves than it to just have saves. I still can’t think of a reason why I would want catcher’s wins though. Barring injury or a platoon, whoever catches for the winningest MLB team would lead the category by default. That just seems incredibly lame to me.

  9. Yeah I see your point. Kind of like picking a team in a playoff hockey pool.

  10. Funny store about Geddy. His brother runs (or did) a digital agency in Toronto. This agency does the band’s website (or did). My friend was a designer there and was asked to go through the archives for a retrospective of band photos.

    Geddy was looking through the photos and his exactly words were “Can we have a few more where I don’t look totally gay?” He said this as a joke with no malice in the comment. I think it’s awesome that Geddy doesn’t take himself too seriously.

  11. Goddammit, I thought I’d get through today without seeing Bronson Arroyo. The only person on the planet who still tries to sing like the guy from Creed.

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