A Match Made In Heaven

Former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes has been claimed off waivers by the Baltimore Orioles. I’ll pause here for a minute so that you can regain your composure after the ensuing fit of laughter one typically experiences after reading such news.

Reyes failed to impress with the Blue Jays despite ample opportunities to showcase a low nineties fastball that is as unfamiliar with the lower half of the strike zone as a golden retriever is with proper dinner etiquette. When not missing the zone completely with a “slider” that has all the vertical and horizontal movement of the comatose, Reyes is trying to convince batters to swing and miss on a change up which is more accurately described as the two seam fastball he throws when he’s tired.

Among starters with at least 100 innings pitched this season, Reyes has the second worst ERA in the American League. Only seven other starters in the AL have missed less bats, and none have cost their teams more in terms of win probability than Reyes this season.

Generally speaking, as a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, I try not to rush to judgment, write in hyperbole or lose my mind in the extremes of a situation. Nonetheless, Jo-Jo Reyes has been the worst pitcher I’ve ever seen throw in the Major Leagues. So, of course, he’s been picked up by the Baltimore Orioles off waivers.

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  1. Ice cold Parkes. Not going to disagree with any of it though.

  2. If I we’re an Orioles fan I would be happy with this..
    These are the moves the Orioles should be making..
    Sometimes lefties figure it out at a later age…
    I wouldn’t hold my breath, but it makes a lot more since then the Orioles doing something like trading for Wandy Rodriguez (see Kris Benson and Kevin Millwod)

  3. Just saw on MLBTR that David Purcey has been put on waivers by the Tigers. Baltimore can really load up on SP now…

  4. As a Yankee fan, I’m glad to see him still in the division.

  5. Method to AA’s madness? I distinctly remember our collective puzzlement when he signed Dotel in the offseason (“We’ve already singed Rauch!”- dum de dum let me flip these guys to contenders who will overvalue them and allow me to get value…). Maybe this is the second part of the strategy, allowing our deperate division rivals to pick.up our DFA’s, letting them get worse as the ;ays get better. AA probably couldn’t find anyone to play Monoply with him as a kid, after he kept beating everyone. Actually, make that Risk, for he makes me feel that he’s at war.

  6. @Steve

    “If I were an Orioles fan I would be happy with this…” Would that be because of the brain trauma or the drug use? Or both?

    JoJo was my least favorite Blue Jay since Raul Mondesi. And Mondesi was an a-hole

  7. Mondesi had a much better arm than Reyes does though…

  8. Steve, you seem Oriole smart. Good luck to you.

  9. Kyle Davis is worse, but by much.

  10. I think Erik Hanson was worse. He enjoyed golf more while on the DL with the Jays.

  11. At least Reyes and Mark Hendrickson will make for a dynamic mopup duo composed of ex-Jay left-handed starters.

    (PS – Mark Hendrickson is 37? Wow.)

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