It was but three months ago that we at Getting Blanked declared Mike Stanton to be a terrifying force in Major League Baseball. His prodigious blasts and top-secret Army experiment size make him a fearsome opponent. He put both of those skills to good use last night, clubbing a grand slam in the 10th inning to push his Marlins past the Mets, 7-3.

Clearly we aren’t the only people quaking in fear before the Mighty Stanton. Hit the jump for some ominous comments from straight shook Mets starter Mike Pelfrey, courtesy of ESPN New York.

“The guy’s a good hitter,” Pelfrey said, “I think Major League Baseball should probably find a way to get him out of the game because he’s going to hurt somebody with those balls he [hits].

“[Some] of those balls he hits, it’s scary. They guy’s a good hitter and when you make a mistake, it’s scary. He’s going to barrel-up and he’s going to hit it hard somewhere and hopefully it doesn’t hurt somebody.”

MIke Stanton is, quite clearly, a menace. Opposing pitchers have their own safety in mind when he stands at the plate. Save the National League from itself!

Stanton’s average speed off the bat numbers are quite impressive (his home runs average 107.1 mph off the bat, greater even than Jose “All I Do is Bat Speed” Bautista’s 105.4 average mph.) Fun but ultimately useless as average speed off the bat is, it isn’t the only gaudy statline produced by the 21 year-old.

Stanton’s 25 home runs tie him for 6th in all of baseball for the season to go with a .370 wOBA and the fourth best isolated power (slugging percentage minus batting average, basically an easy way to measure extra base hits) in all of baseball. Patience is big for a prodigious slugger like Stanton and walk he does, improving his walk rate from his rookie campaign while cutting down the strikeouts.

The future for Mike Stanton is very, very bright. His incredible power and ever-improving plate discipline already make him one of the most feared sluggers in the game. With “teh fear” in his back pocket, he can now coast to a solid if unspectacular career and expect enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. That’s just the way Fear works. Scary stuff, really.