According to MLB.com, Angels starter Jered Weaver faces a six-game suspension for attempting to behead Alex Avila of the Tigers on the weekend. Weaver, angry that Carlos Guillen pimped a long, loud home run as hard as Carlo Guillen can pimp anything, took out his frustration on the next batter he saw. Video below the jump!

Six games insures Weaver misses one start, pending the inevitable appeal. More interestingly than the Weaver suspension is the one game handed to Angels manager Mike Scioscia, who already served his suspension last night.

Apparently, Scioscia directed Weaver to throw at Avilia despite the umpire warning both benches and having a long chat with Weaver as Guillen plodded around the bases. I find it very hard to believe Mike Scioscia did anything other than stare out onto the field making The Mike Scioscia Face. It’s kind of his thing.

Mymymymy Mike Scioscia face.

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  1. I, for one, would have liked to see Guillen get a game suspension as well. That degree of jackassedness merits it, and – let’s face it – sort of demands a beanball in response.

  2. agreed, guillen’s pose and trot was the worst i’ve seen.

  3. Sucks to be him. He deserve it.

  4. Mikey Scioscia really does rock!! On the other end of the managerial spectrum, you have that idiot Tony La-La-Land Larrussa.

    Did you guys see his incoherent babble with reporters recently? I saw it on TSN yesterday. What complete arse! You have to see it

  5. I don’t think Avila deserved a concussion for Guillen’s action, it was right at his head afterall. I’d hope Guillen won’t do anything similar going foward for the sake of his teammate’s faces.

  6. Can’t they just move Weaver back a game or two and he wouldn’t really ‘miss’ a start?

  7. @Mats:


    • They could try but I think the point of a 6 game pitcher suspension is that he misses one start. I doubt the Angels want to poke that bear in addition to reshuffling their entire rotation.

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