After raining mockery down on the likes of David Eckstein and just about every other scrappy white baseball player who wears high socks and a dirty uniform, we sometimes forget that there are a couple of really, really good baseball players who illicit praise for their appearance and supposed quantities of heart as much as for their talent.

Most notable among those select few is New York Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner who not only steals bases like Pac Man munches pixelated dots, but also avoids outs at a rate among the best in baseball. His walk rate is above average, his strike out rate is below average and since the beginning of last season he’s contributed more to his team defensively than Ichiro!, Michael Cuddyer and Alfonso Soriano have contributed with their respective bats and gloves.

As if he hasn’t already done enough harm to the bats of his opposition, Gardner is now punishing his own wooden sticks.