The preeminent pitching matchup from last night saw Ricky Romero of the Toronto Blue Jays square off against David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays. While both starters threw well enough to earn quality starts, Romero clearly had the better stuff, giving up only a single hit over eight innings.

The only time that the Blue Jays’ ace ran into any trouble at all was in the second inning when the first three batters that Romero faced got on base. From 1993 – 2001, with the bases loaded and none out, teams have gone on to score an average of 2.381 runs. However, a typical team doesn’t have to face Ricky Romero with the bases loaded.

Here’s what happened after Romero walked Ben Zobrist, hit Casey Kotchman with a pitch, and then walked B.J. Upton.

First up was Matt Joyce, who Romero struck out in seven pitches, culminating in a swinging strike on a 2-2 count with a curveball that looked as though it was going to be up in the zone before dropping almost a foot in the air on its route from the pitcher’s hand to home plate:

Next up, was Kelly Shoppach who got ahead on Romero 2-0 before swinging and missing on three straight pitches, finishing once again with a curveball that had twice as big of a drop than the Major League average:

Next up was Sean Rodriguez, who got three four seam fastballs in awkward places in the zone, the final of which he grounded to Jose Bautista at third base, who fired it to second on a fielder’s choice that ended the inning.

After that, Romero only allowed a single hit and two other walks en route to a 3-1 Blue Jays victory over the Rays, putting Toronto only a half game behind Tampa Bay for third place in the American League East.

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