That sound you heard yesterday evening was the unmistakable din a mass exodus from the Pittsburgh Pirates bandwagon. On the ugly end of a 11-6 beating at the hands of the long-since quit Chicago Cubs, it is now safe to say the Pirates are all but dead.

As much fun as we all had with the Pirates resurgence, America’s Team was doomed from the start. Only the most pie-eyed homers thought a rotation fronted by Kevin Correia would stand the test of time. Apparently the test of time is really just “the test of the Cubs” as Correia regressed all at once last night.

Correia lasted just 2 innings, surrendered 4 homers and 8 earned runs. The miracle of April has now allowed 16 runs in his last three starts, striking out just 7 batters in 13 innings. His poor outing last night continued his odd splits for the season, struggling badly at home while pitching better on the road.

Correia is not alone among Pirates starters succumbing to the relentless pressure of not being very good. Charlie Morton put together quite a terrible month of July, giving up 17 runs in just 25.1 innings. This after he allowed 19 runs in 18 June innings.

The cute story of the Pirates is about to crash back to Earth. As we discussed many times here on Getting Blanked, the quality of their competition suggests they’ll have a much tougher time staying in the race compared to their Cinderella cousins from Cleveland. The future remains bright for the Bucs provided the pitching improves. Any team built around Andrew McCutchen isn’t completely devoid of hope. Hopefully baseball fans in Western PA continue filling their ballpark as the team slips out of the race. Get them in the habit of coming to the ballpark, at the very least.