Let the countdown commence:

Okay, so who was missed?

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  1. Did you forget Chuckie Knobs? I didn’t see him there

  2. I believe it was a survey of players

  3. Special mention should go to Jeff Bagwell and his wide legged stance. Looked like he was on the crapper. Awesome player.

  4. I know they are probably limited to what mlb video rights they have, but yeah a segment on batting stances, without actually seeing the batters take a swing, is going to be pretty limited, so matter how many still shots you have.

  5. @ Sheldon, The segment is about stances, not swings. And in the video Joe Maddon makes the comment that once all players get their foot down, they all look pretty much the same.

  6. Yeah but you don’t get how herky jerky Sheffield is until you see it in motion. Same with Youkilis. For the older swings I was left wondering if there was something I was missing because I couldn’t see the whole thing.

  7. No Garth Iorg? NO GARTH IORG? Seriously?!?

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