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This week’s edition of Stray Thoughts is coming at you a little bit earlier and a little bit lesser than normal, thanks to some non-blogging Friday afternoon plans that have to take precedence. So, by all means, feel free to wait to read this until that moment in time when too little of your work week remains to start anything new, but there’s too much time to just take off without raising some unwanted interest from the office authorities. Or, be a rebel, settle down, and spend part of your early afternoon thinking about the game that we all love.

Your Opinion Of Travis Snider Is Wrong

With Travis Snider being sent down once again to Triple A, a new batch of worries over his career in Toronto have emerged, with the same yokels once again suggesting that he’s nothing more than a Quad A player, a platoon guy, or a fourth outfielder.

Here’s a list of players older than Travis Snider:

Jordan Walden, Yonder Alonso, Alex Avila, Pedro Alvarez, Gordon Beckham, Josh Bell, Peter Bourjos, Jeremy Hellickson, David Cooper, Austin Jackson, Desmond Jennings, Kyle Blanks, Jason Kipnis, Brian Matusz, Wilson Ramos, Andrew Cashner, Ivan Nova, Colby Rasmus, Josh Reddick, Ike Davis, Michael Saunders, Tommy Hanson, Justin Smoak, Zach Stewart and Eric Thames.

Snider is a whole 24 days older than the Mariners’ Dustin Ackley.

What’s being completely overlooked here is that Snider was brought up so early that a trip to the Minors is for the purpose of development, not as a statement on what the team thinks of him as a player. I don’t agree that it’s the best course of development for him, but I at least understand the motivation behind it.

MLB Fan Cave

I think the whole MLB Fan Cave thing was a good idea in theory. In practice it’s been about as amusing as a trip to the dentist in Kabul while wearing a t-shirt with a derogatory remark aimed at Muhammad. And if you think I’m exaggerating, I’d like to point your attention to the Joey Bats video? But this, this is funny:

Johan Santana

After learning this week that Johan Santana had another setback on his road to recovery from shoulder surgery, I remembered this article from the awesomely cool Ted Berg, asking if maybe it was time for New York Mets fans to stop thinking that getting Santana from the Minnesota Twins was a total steal.

While the players that the Mets gave up haven’t exactly brought a lot of value to the Twins organization, New York still owes Santana a whopping $49.5 million over the next two years. That’s after already paying him $82.5 million for what FanGraphs suggests is a little over $47 million, assuming he doesn’t play the rest of the year.

Madison Bumgarner Is So Valuable

After writing the praises for San Francisco Giants starter Madison Bumgarner ahead of last night’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies, I was a little bit dismayed after he uncharacteristically gave up two home runs in the second inning. However, after that brief slip up, Bumgarner settled in to finish the game after eight innings, striking out nine batters, and only giving up two walks. His slider, which I praised to no end in yesterday’s piece, was responsible for six whiffs from the Phillies lineup.

And once again, most impressive of all is that Bumgarner is 21 years old. 21 years old! Make no mistake, with Bumgarner’s emergence I don’t think the Giants get Carlos Beltran because they wouldn’t be able to afford to give up Zack Wheeler.

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A couple more things:

  • As you may have heard, I’ve been doing some writing for Baseball Prospectus, covering the American League East. This week, I wrote about what it takes to delude yourself into believing that your team still has a shot at the playoffs.
  • As I mentioned last week, The Score has decided to nominate me for a sports media award. I hate people begging for votes and all that stuff, but if you enjoy what you read here, and you have a couple of minutes, a little bit of support would probably make me look good to my bosses.

Comments (12)

  1. Consider yourself supported. Award nomination is well deserved.

  2. Who really is going to complain that Snider may have the lowest wOBA next year when compared to;


    We need players to hit in the 7-9 slots and who cares if he goes through cold patches when you have the above players all better. It’s like complaining your 4th or 5th starter doesn’t have an ERA under 3.50. He has a purpose and he is still better at hitting then Hill.

  3. I think his wOBA is a completely different number if he spends the whole year with the Jays.

    Parkes, happy to support the nomination. It’s very well deserved. This blog has gone from good for a Canadian baseball blog to just plainvery good.

  4. You might not always be right, but you’re seldom an idiot… That was less complimentary than I meant it to be, I do hope you win because you have done some top notch work.

    Having said that, the voting page is a huge clusterfuck. I just put Dustin Parkes in all the boxes they asked me to write in. I hope that’s okay…

  5. Is there any plan to put together a mobile site. Or maybe an app like MLBTR and FanGraphs has?

  6. Well done Dustin. I love this blog and visit daily. That’s all your fault. Thanks.

  7. I tried to vote for you, but that voting site is absolutely horrific.

  8. Johan is owed 55m for the next 2 years or 74.5m for the next 3. I wonder what it would take to acquire Santana in a trade.

  9. Any thoughts on them using this to get Snider’ numbers up in order to make him more attractive in a trade?

  10. Bumgarner is 22.

  11. Sending Snider down again was a rare AA mistake. At some point you have to give him 300-400 ABs and see what you have. I think sometimes the GM builds assets (the decidedly meh Eric Thames, the one-dimensional and streaky E5) at the expense of developing core players. Snider is either a core player or a bust, but I wouldn’t make that call until he got the sense that his playing time wasn’t always a week of bad swings away from being revoked.

    Thames is a decent extra piece, but he’s lousy in the field and is nothing special on the bases — fourth outfielder or bench player at best. Snider clearly can be more.

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