Remember that time in your life when the raging mess of hormones that governed everything you did finally settled down and you outgrew your baby fat? Things were really beginning to look up for you. Your life was no longer a slapstick comedy and you knew that you’d be free from any more of those awfully embarrassing moments that plagued your awkward stage.

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  1. Thank god they make “em wear helmets.

  2. Over/Under is set at 4.5 for number of amazing GIF’s Shane Victorino is going to be in this season.

  3. lmao

    Although that batboy look like he’s in his late 20′s.

  4. If I knew that kid I’d be using that gif for everything possible.

  5. shane is just a gif waiting to happen

  6. LOL the camera guy in back is slowly tuning then is like boom i got it.

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