Join us at 3:30pm today for a full half-hour of Brett Lawrie and his Toronto Blue Minions live with the Getting Blanked team. An exciting weekend of Orioles bashing just passed with the sadness of Brandon Morrow and the general feeling of contentment associated with a Ricky Romero start.

Click here to join the live stream!

As always, you can tweet your questions, comments and general feelings of rapture to @DustinParkes@AndrewStoeten and @DrewGROF. Be a dear and use #CooperstownLawrie as your hashtag, if you could be so kind.

Join the chat below where we mine comments and questions about the Jays future, Lawrie’s spot in the lineup and who you think will win the AL Wild Card. Lulz.

Comments (10)

  1. there isn’t a link to the stream. also, i don’t think it works for people with updated flash.. at least it isn’t for me in internet explorer

  2. how is your live stream player still so shitty?

  3. Nothing is working! No sound on the stream. No nothing on the chat. Was in Opera, now trying IE. Still nothing.

  4. Not working fellas. It’s telling me that it starts at 3:00. It’s 3:40 now…?

  5. No dice guys – technical difficulties I think

  6. yeah the stream never works for me either

  7. I don’t understand why you don’t use something that actually works like
    The Score Live player just doesn’t work… at all.

  8. Ya, I gave up trying to view these a while back.
    Some times they work, sometimes they dont.

  9. The chat went up a little late.

    We’re investigating the live stream challenges, most people don’t have a problem but that isn’t good enough. Thanks for the feedback and for coming back.

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