General manager Dave Dombrowski (through 2015) and manager Jim Leyland (through 2012) both had their contracts extended yesterday by the Detroit Tigers, ensuring that the masterminds behind the only record in the AL Central to be above .500 remain together until at least the end of next year.

I tend to have a “meh” attitude about Leyland’s extension. I’m sure there are Tigers fans who think he’s a moron, just as I’m certain there are Tigers fans who think he’s a genius. The same probably holds true for any manager on any team in baseball. And it’s somewhat fitting, because over the course of a season, how many games does a manager really win or lose for their team?

Dombrowski on the other hand is the man behind the Dontrelle Willis three year, $29 million extension.

The Tigers’ success, which is a relative term, relative to the rest of the terrible, terrible, terrible American League Central, can’t be looked at as an isolated event when deciding whether or not to sign the team’s general manager to a new contract. Yes, the Tigers could very well win their division this season, but where will that leave them for next year when they have almost $74 million of their payroll already committed and glaring holes at several different positions?

And that’s not even factoring in the arbitration pay outs expected for Max Scherzer, Phil Coke and Austin Jackson. Or the club options on Jose Valverde and Rick Porcello. It is, however, including the $13 million that will be spent on the rapidly declining skills of Victor Martinez who no longer benefits from his positional adjustment, meaning that four win above replacement seasons can now be scored as three wins above replacement.

Let’s try a little bit of an exercise here. Close your eyes and begin to remember all of the contracts that Dombrowski handed out, all of the bad trades he’s made. Think about signing Carlos Guillen to a contract extension. Think about trading Jair Jurrjens for Edgar Renteria. Think about the contract he gave Brandon Inge. Think about how he acquired Gary Sheffield. Now, wait for it, imagine that he did all this in the American League East.

The Baltimore Orioles would more than likely have some serious competition for the next five years.

And The Rest

Shane Victorino got suspended for three games because of this:

Yonder Alonso is so desperate to find a position on the Major League roster that he’s even taking grounders at third base.

That may be unfortunate news for Kevin Youkilis who will be heartbroken to learn he doesn’t have a spot in Cincinnati.

Jose Reyes will be out at least two weeks and perhaps a few million dollars this coming offseason due to an injured hamstring.

Let’s lose our minds because C.C. Sabathia has had a couple of bad starts against the Boston Red Sox.

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy saw a hypnotist as a means of overcoming an addiction to chewing tobacco. If only the hypnotist could hit.

Shane Victorino is doing a’ight at the plate this year, but Roy Oswalt is far more vicious with a bat.

Washington Nationals relievers Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen are the best of friends:

Lookie, lookie, we did another one of those live stream things. This is the full tilt version, but highlights are available on the MLB Video page.