The Talented Batter

After seeing this, the only question remaining is: Who will be the supplier of the first joy murdering comment questioning the validity of this?

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  1. The guy holding the camera in videos like this is always a douche. Always.

  2. I liked the part´╗┐ where he hit the balls…

  3. my face is more real than this video

  4. I dont’ think the guy holding the camera is real.

  5. why is he trying to line out to ss

  6. Sure. But is he a proven winner? Exactly. You also have to ask the question of those bouncy net things being on steroids, to be honest.

  7. It’s impressive, but he’ll never be a True Yankee based on the manner in which he walked away.

  8. Poor weight transfer and his elbow drops as he gets fatigued. I don’t think he has a future.

  9. fair enough, “the voice of the guy supposedly holding the camera is a douche” :p

  10. hey where is drew to tell us that balls in play are completely random since no hitter can aim the ball?

  11. I am quite sure that as soon as MLB replaces pitchers with bounce nets, Drew will happily concede that hitters will better be able to direct balls in play.

  12. This guy is so good at hitting that the earth’s sun, impressed with this stunt, has tried to one up him by being in two places at once. The hitting is still more impressive.

  13. Actually, I rescind my comment. The sun was not feeling that ambitious from what I can see.

  14. strange comment on the shadows. the shadow of the hitter and the other guy seem to be at 2 different angles. the hitter’s shadow seems to be in front of him while the guy’s shadow is way off to the left. also I cannot track the ball’s shadow although it may be too small to see.

    I have a hard time believing the ball would maintain it’s velocity and height after bouncing 4 times and staying in the air for 3 seconds.

  15. also the very left net should have a shadow to the left, but it’s actualy below the net!

  16. drew are you really this stupid?

    • Quite obviously, you fucking troll. I hope you enjoy wasting your time. Please do continue badgering us in the comments with your unfunny & pathetic attempts to hold our attention for more than two or three minutes. I hope it makes you feel awesome.

  17. no douchebag, I enjoy wasting YOUR time, since obviously I can press your buttons any fucking time I please. so continue reading my comments and replying you little child.

  18. If the sun were directly overhead the shadows would indeed in beneath the nets, but the shadows of the players indicate that the sun is in a different position than that. With that said, the editing job is pretty convincing. It’s a well done piece.

  19. I thought it was pretty cool …..

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