It took six days, but David Ortiz was awarded an RBI, after Major League Baseball overruled official scorer Charles Scroggins who denied Big Papi a second run batted in on a single from last week that scored two runs.

The reasoning behind the call was that Kevin Youkilis, who scored the second run on the play, was given the stop sign by the third base coach until Cleveland Indians left fielder Austin Kearns bobbled the ball. Youkilis was then sent home, scoring the second run on the play.

The only reason I mention this tedious bit of ridiculousness is that Ortiz interrupted a pregame press conference with Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona the next day to say some bad words about scorekeepers.

But there’s more to the story than just misguided angst. What is it that got Ortiz, generally a cool customer, all hot and bothered about a measly RBI, the value of which is as outdated as butter churning skills in marriage prospects?

Well, it seems that Red Sox chuckle brother Dustin Pedroia was pulling off a bit of a prank at Ortiz’s expense. According to Joe Haggerty of CSNNE:

Pedroia told Ortiz that John Henry and Theo Epstein ordered the official scorer to take away Ortiz’s RBI in an effort to keep Ortiz’s stat totals low and therefore give him less leverage when it comes time to negotiate a new contract.

Contract negotiations, or rather the lack thereof, have been a sensitive issue recently for Ortiz, who overreacted, looked foolish, but in the end, got his precious run batted in.

And The Rest

The Toronto Blue Jays will have new uniforms next year that will apparently incorporate the colour red. I’m sure that’s just Canadian patriotism shining through and has nothing to do with the branding of their owners, Rogers Communications. In other news, instead of the Toronto Blue Jays, the team will now be referred to as Rogers Baseball Operations.

Back-to-back bad outings for New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera is leading some to believe that he may in fact be human.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Papelbon continues to be dominant.

Tampa Bay Rays starter James Shields pitched his eighth complete game of the season, shutting out the Kansas City Royals. Only four entire teams have more complete games this season, outside of the Rays.

Milwaukee Brewers lefty Chris Narveson would do well not to play with scissors.

Despite last night’s loss, the D-Train appears to be back on track.

Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla has now hit safely in 30 straight games.

Chien-Ming Wang got his first win since 2009 last night.

Lyle Overbay has been released by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This man is taking a stand against standing up and waving.

Well respected, former Los Angeles Angels scouting director Eddie Bane finally opens up about his firing by Tony Reagins.

Today in getting the wrong message: Why do people hate Michael Young so much, anyway?

Baseball in Quebec is alive and well.

Larry Bernandez is back:

For more Larry, check this out:

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  1. A new uniform, ok. Red? Why red? Aren’t there the Red Sox in the division? I really dislike the red canada day jerseys. Hopefully not too much red.

  2. As much as I hate to admit it, what Pedroia did was pretty funny.

  3. I wonder if they’ll go all-out and re-brand the team as the “Canada Blue Jays” or “Toronto Blue Jays of Canada” or something ridiculous like that.

  4. I don’t know about you, but a good butter-churning wench is exactly what I am looking for.

  5. My Papleboner is fully engorged…

  6. Forget a new uniform, the one’s they use are great

    the Papi thing was great, and as much as i would like to take a grinder to dustin ped’s face, and file down his goofy chipmunk teeth, it was a very good prank

  7. I’m sure Rogers incorporating red into the Jays’ uniforms has nothing to do with corporate branding just as Labatt naming them the Blue Jays had nothing to do with promoting their beer.

  8. Their team is called Toronto BLUE Jays. The only red that should be in their uniform is that maple leaf patch. I really hope they don’t make it cheesy-looking. They gotta think about US/global sales too, which is a bigger market than here in Canada.

  9. Mrballer…oh ya I’m sure there are a TON of jay jersey sales in the states. .

    That being said, if they add too much red it will completely destroy the jersey in my opinion.. I’m okay with doing away with the black…

    I think the simplest way to add more Canada into the jersey is to go back to the old jersey…
    It has the canada leaf right in the logo and has red around the backdrop of the baseball stitches.

    I don’t see why more would be necessarily

  10. People from Vancouver to Halifax will be creaming their pants with enthusiasm for the 2012 season once they see those red uniforms and realize for the first time “Hey, the Jays are Canada’s team and Im Canadian, I am SOOO interested now!!!”

    Get real.

    If only Lester B Pearson had chosen to adopt an orange or pink flag 45 years ago, then we would really have a fun announcement to look forward to!

  11. @Ray I think a new nickname is in order, given the problems at the Vatican.

  12. Cinco don’t set-up. Never… except for Mariano Rivera at the All Star Game.

  13. I agree with above – changing the logo to something involving a red maple leaf is plenty, unless the team wants to take a heel turn, rename ourselves the Toronto Socialized Medicines and go with an all red jersey adorned with the Soviet star. That would get the team some attention.

  14. On an unrelated note, one of you guys please dismantle this hack piece of journalism:

  15. Rogers Conspiracy Playbook\

    step 1 – remove blue from uniform

    step 2 – change color to black

    step 3 – remove blue from blue jays

    step 4 – start referring to team as the jays

    step 5 – start adding more red like maple leafs

    step 6 – slowly change the look of the bird to a chicken and hope no one will notice

    step 7 – make full uniform change to all red saying it’s just for patriotism

    step 8 – officially make name change to rogers roosters

    step 9 – execute ace

    step 10 – hire foghorn leghorn as official mascot

    step 11 – sell billions of internet plans

    step 12 – keep saying they will spend money on the team when the time is right

  16. Seriously. Old Logo 77 – 96. Maple Leaf directly on it. Get it done Rogers.

  17. I would echo Conebone41′s sentiments and would just like to point out that the only two teams pointed out by name in this article by the Red Sox/Yankees Network…Er I mean ESPN are…The Red Sox and Yankees. Boo-[Getting Blanked]ing-Hoo! Shut the [Getting Blanked] up and play ball.

    Then, there are also these Home/Road Splits from this year:

    Home: 28-27, 273 RS (4.96 per G), 276 RA (5.02 per G)

    Road: 30-30, 262 RS (4.37 per G), 250 RA (4.17 per G)

    That’s right. The Jays are outscoring their opponents on the road and being outscored at home. How is it that we’re not leveraging this huge “advantage”? Are our players a bunch of village idiots, or is there no real advantage to start with? Congratulations ESPN. Your bias is showing. But…But…But, the Red Sox and Yankees say it’s true…So it must be true. Amy K. Nelson and Peter Keating…You’ve been had.

  18. Tom, I couldn’t agree more. Not only was that a terrible article, but it violated the FIRST [getting blanked] RULE of proving something; you can’t work backwards from your hypothesis collecting evidence, especially completely circumstantial evidence. Here’s an argument that does the same thing;

    I allege that Dustin Parkes is a mass murderer. Dozens of people have been murdered in Toronto every year since Parkes has been here.

    Toss in some anonymous accusors, and you have the same fucking argument. How did she graduate journalism school?

  19. This explains why the Jays strike out every time the wave goes through the crowd

  20. If it’s anything other than a revamped classic uniform then I say we boycott. Cause a stink – why not? The masses have more power than ever with the media power of the Internet. Convince others to vote with their (lack of) wallets.

    I don’t understand it. Every corner of the Internet has Jays fans clamoring for the classic logo. We’ve DONE all the research for them. For free.

    And why did they hire a European marketing firm to develop a jersey that’s intended to be “Canadian”?

  21. “And why did they hire a European marketing firm to develop a jersey that’s intended to be “Canadian”?”

    Just so you know, Roger’s Centre will only accept the Euro from here on out..

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