Down three to two with the bases loaded in the sixth inning, Toronto Blue Jays’ third baseman Brett Lawrie willed a two balls, no strikes, four seam fastball from Oakland Athletics’ reliever Craig Breslow over the fence in left field for his first career grand slam. The Blue Jays went on to win the game 8-4.

In five games at the Major League level, Lawrie has collected seven hits in 18 at bats, including a double and two home runs. His slugging percentage currently sits at .778. But perhaps most impressive to baseball fans in this city, where apathy is a constant enemy, is that he goes about his business on a baseball field with all the simultaneous intensity of a slam dunk, blocked shot, slap shot goal and emphatic touchdown spike.

Helmet toss ricochet to @james_in_to whose Blue Jays Bits tumblr is rife with Toronto GIFs.

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  1. More like Craig BresLOL amiright?!

  2. I just want to state two things – I was in fact the man in white at the game holding the signs and I had the fastball sign up on the pitch to Lawrie.

    I’ll post some pictures on my site later tonight.

  3. What a game!

    it’s just a great time to be a Jays fan. If you’re not excited for the future of this team, grab a sip of the kool-aid and get stoked.

    Who needs signs, we have Brett Lawrie

  4. Well done @chris, caught you on the highlights.

  5. Brett Lawrie may be just what the Blue Jays organization needed to put bums in seats. It’s nice to see a player not just play well, but look like he ACTUALLY wants to play for a Toronto sports franchise and is excited about it, for a change.

    The grand slam was impressive, but the reaction afterwards spoke volumes to Jays fans and casual baseball fans around the Toronto area. He was so jacked about the situation, it looked like he got a 1st round KO in the UFC. When you have people on your team show true emotion, not some professionally scripted response, you will gain fans.

    With the Jays unlikely to make the playoffs, things were moving again to having nobody going to the games and the organization going through the motions. But with Brett Lawrie and the Jays’ play lately, excitement is back in Toronto. Lawrie makes you want to go the park to see what he’s going to do next. The fact that he’s Canadian naturally has impact, but we’ve had Canadians play for the Jays before. Lawrie’s spark is what’s driving this interest.

    BTW, I say someone’s got to put that ESPN reporter in a room alone with the Jays GM. The thing is that the GM has way more class than the reporter, so nothing would probably happen, but it would be interesting. When will ESPN learn that they cannot control sports no matter how much they try? They failed with the Miami Heat and now they look ridiculous once again!

  6. hey dustin, it’s too bad you couldn’t enjoy those 4 rbi’s as much as we all did!


    Cheat to win, y’all.

  8. @drew – we couldn’t fit that many words on the sign – explosive fastball had to suffice – I actually dropped my sign in the row in front of me when that ball was flying.

  9. @Chris – if that was you, then you guys were SOLID. When Sportsnet first showed you guys, you called two pitches perfectly – explosive fastball followed by a cunning curve. Well played.

  10. Someone PLEASE make a GIF of lawrie slamming his helmet in the dugout and it ricocheting into encarnacion!

  11. What an awesome game. My friend and I were in the 200 level, just to the left of the foul pole in left field. If you watch the replay of Lawrie’s home run, you see a guy in black just below the pizza pizza ad that ran around above the 200s, frantically waving the ball to clear the wall. Thats my friend. What a great night hahaha

  12. @Brando

    I’m not sure it’s fair to discount the rest of the team from wanting to play in Toronto. They all have nothing but positive things to say about the city & organization and there’s no reason for me to be cynical about it.

    That said, Lawrie kicks ass.

  13. We were the ones on tsn and snet with the “I stole this sign” sign, we also had an ‘Amy is the ESPN Mattress’ sign

  14. Shaun Marcum who?

  15. @Jeff – I’ve been telling everybody about the ‘I stole THIS sign’ sign. I absolutely loved that one. Still chuckling about it today. Well played, sir.

  16. @Brando – the “don’t want to play in Toronto” effect is less pronounced in baseball than it is in, say, the NBA. The Jays have never had much difficulty attracting free agents, although they do have to pay a slight premium – but no more than any other non-playoff-contending team likely has to.

    If anything, I buy the argument that a player’s ambivalence has more to do with the RC turf than anything about the city. It helps that baseball players hang out here during the warmer months; it’s understandably harder for players from the southern US to get used to the city during the wintertime, since to most of them snow is this scary myth that their grandma told them about to get them to go to bed without whining.

    (There’s other, less justifiable reasons, of course, but I’ll leave those to idiots like Steve Francis)

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