Speaking of Excitable Canadians

While Brett Lawrie’s intense romp around the bases keeps most of the Maple Boners at attention these days, it seems another great Canadian hope is on his way to the big leagues.

John Sickels of Minor League Ball selected Phillippe Aumont from the Phillies organization as his prospect of the day. Aumont is best known among Canadian baseball fans for his dramatic turn in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, pitching himself into and then directly out of a jam when the game was tight.

Aumont then went from Seattle to Philly as part of the Cliff Lee trade but struggled when first arriving in the Philly system. After a few failed bids in the starting rotation, the Phils moved the 6’7″ Quebecker into the bullpen were the good times began.

However, in short stints he’s able to maintain his mechanics more easily, giving him better command when used in the bullpen. There’s nothing wrong with his arm: his fastball hits 95-97 MPH and has strong sanction action. He mixes it with a hard curveball, and the combination is devastating.

Aumont’s famous strikeouts of Youkilis and Curtis Granderson will forever live in my memory as that WBC game was one of the finest I ever attended. Here’s hoping Aumont can throw enough strikes to stick in the bigs for a long time yet. The world needs more Gordie Dougies and Quebec needs a legit MLB player to rally behind.