Hey guys! Anyone out there remember Matt Bush? You know, that local high school baseball star that the San Diego Padres took first overall in 2004 because they didn’t want to spend $1 million more on a signing bonus for Jered Weaver or Stephen Drew.

Still not ringing a bell?

The guy who:

  • got into trouble shortly after being drafted for underage drinking;
  • didn’t attain an OPS over .600 in his first two seasons as a pro;
  • was suspended in 2005 before the season began for a fight outside of an Arizona night club;
  • broke his ankle in 2006 and missed half of the season;
  • was converted to a pitcher after again accumulating a sub .600 OPS in 2007;
  • proceeded to tear a ligament and didn’t pitch again until 2009;
  • was designated for assignment after drunkenly assaulting some high schoolers and exclaiming “I’m Matt [Getting Blanked]ing Bush” at arresting officers;
  • got traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for a bag of balls, but was released after failing their zero tolerance behavioural policy for drunkenly throwing a baseball past a young female’s head and banging on her car window; or
  • signed a Minor League contract with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2010, and is still pitching in their organization.

In fact, pitching may be an understatement. As a reliever, Bush has struck out 68 of the 194 batters he’s faced (35%) in less than 44 innings pitched at Double A. While his 5.36 ERA may be uninspiring, a closer look at his numbers reveals an unlucky .418 BABIP and a low strand rate that makes his actual FIP a very respectable 3.15.

Matt “[Getting Blanked]ing” Bush indeed.

Whizzing fastball past the ear to @TRancel and punch to the face of a high school lacrosse player for HardBall Talk.