In the interests of full disclosure and admitting biases, when I first glanced up at my screen and saw this exchange between catcher Carlos Santana and Asdrubal Cabrera of the Clevelands, I thought it was another delightfully elaborate pre-game handshake.

Only when Cabrera begin actually pointing his finger in the face of the franchise cornerstone catcher did I realize this was, in fact, frayed nerves caused by the Tribe’s precipitous fall from the top of the AL Central. Hit the jump for video of the exchange.

While our friends at Big League Stew have a full breakdown and quotes illustrating what sparked the exchange (defense matters!) I prefer to think of it as Carlos Santana’s simmering resentment of Cabrera’s gorgeous head of hair.

I mean really, how much different is this exchange than the dance of the Southern Bros performed by Adam Wainwright and former teammate Colby Rasmus? The similarities are striking.