The venerable San Francisco Chronicle reports Brandon Belt will join the beleaguered Giants in Miami today. Despite speculation that Carlos Beltran would move to the Disabled List it is centerfielder Andres Torres who heads to the 15-day DL.

Much has been made of Giants manager Bruce Bochy’s refusal to give Brandon Belt regular playing time, favoring badly struggling veteran Aubrey Huff. The Giants offense is in such a place right now (hitters of 20 consecutive solo home runs!) but, as the author of the piece Hank Schulman points out, the same has been said about Belt many times before.

Carlos Beltran’s injuries might not be DL worthy but he is not yet himself. The Giants paid a very high price for the very excellent services of Carlos Beltran but are yet to see any value on their investment. Not that he won’t hit but if he isn’t healthy, he cannot contribute. His contributions to the Giants (three extra base hits, one walk in 46 plate appearances) are not that difficult to replace. It is a more about what they anticipated getting from Beltran more than what he already delivered.

The Giants offense needs to get into gear – nowish. The Giants pitchers can only do so much. Judging by Matt Cain’s comments last night, they are certainly trying.

“It ends up being my fault we lost,” Cain said. “Pablo jump-starts us, but it seems I’ve been turning it over lately. I’ve got to make better pitches early, whether it’s getting locked in the bullpen or whatever, to keep the momentum on our side.”

Dude, you gave up two runs! The sentiment is surely appreciated in the clubhouse but the Giants offense is a serious problem.

A problem that won’t magically go away if Brandon Belt plays like many believe he can but the Giants can’t afford to be choosy with who plays and who sits. The Giants continually played Belt in the outfield during his minor league stint, hoping to get his bat into the lineup without sacrificing Huff. With Torres out and Beltran nowhere near 100%, the outfield figures to be the place Belt lands for now.