With Colby Rasmus, Jose Bautista and Aaron Hill all getting the day off, John Farrell is sending a loud signal to the Anaheim Angels – Jered Weaver is very good. He may also be stating that Aaron Hill isn’t good at all, but I digress. Why fight against Weaver when you can lay down like a dog? We cannot beat him at our best so, instead, we offer you our worst.

A rather wacky lineup (hot-hitting Edwin Encarnacion hitting third!) and a Johnny Mac sighting means this game could get late early. Join the live chat and we’ll shoot the breeze about the great pitcher Jered Weaver has become! Also, Lawriegams. Hit the break for the real talk.

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  1. woops, it’s opposite day, love baseball :)

  2. I was in town for the game and I was DEFINITELY applauding for the end of the game. Call me a bad fan, but it’s damned hot in this city.

  3. And that’s why they play the games. :-)

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