At no point did we here at Getting Blanked profess to be perfect. We all make mistakes both big and small. But one thing we try to ensure is getting the name of an American League MVP candidate correct. Didn’t this guy hit more than 50 home runs last season? Isn’t he leading baseball again in 2011?

Not for nothing, the L.A. Times is in partnership with Bleacher Report and their main sports site features dozens of links to BR articles.

When it comes to editorial standards: let the punishment fit the crime.

Hit tap to commenter Noah for the link.

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  1. I guess it’s pretty easy to mistake Juan Rivera for Jose Bautista.

  2. Was ‘hit tap’ intentional given the story, or a mistake?

  3. To further the “We all make mistakes both big and small.” point home, shouldn’t it be “… their main sports site features…”?

    (Note: Being completely serious this may be different in Canada, a simple web search would say no…but if so I apologize and it looks like I’m the asshole)

  4. LOL, no awlang, you’re right. Site and sight is the same here. It’s not like color and colour. Drew just sucks at spelling. :)

  5. Was “sight” also intentional?

  6. Little known fact, Juan Bautista and Larry Bernandez are distant cousins.

  7. The only explanation I can offer is Bobby Valentine secretly ghost-wrote that article, because last year at the Home Run Derby he called David Ortiz “Jose Ortiz”. Freudian slip, much?

  8. At least they also didn’t mistakenly list his nickname as Juwanna Batts.

  9. Another item to add to the was-this-intentional-or-unintentional pile: LA Time? Sounds like an XFL franchise.

  10. I had no idea Buck Martinez writes for the LA Times.

  11. Honest question, does anybody still think Bautista has a shot at winning MVP?

  12. Buck Martinez thinks he does, so sure!

  13. Enkarnashoone to you too Buck Sucks.

    Also, sure Bautista has a shot, but the American media are doing their darndest to tear him down and give it to Adrian Gonzalez. Between brutal hack jobs, and being on a non-playoff team, his odds seem to be getting longer by the day.

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