When the upstart Arizona Diamondback acquired Jason Marquis, many (myself included) thought it was a good move. The D-Backs acquire an effective pitcher whose ground-balling ways suited their super heater home run park perfectly.

After two substandard starts and one aborted effort, Marquis’ season is over. Marquis is out with a broken leg after taking a line shot off the bat of Angel Pagan in third inning of yesterday’s game.

The crazy thing? He pitched into the fourth, even taking his turn at the plate in the bottom of the inning. Hit the jump for the video.

That’s gotta hurt. Craig at Hardball Talk spitballs that perhaps pitching on the leg further exacerbated the injury. Tough to say, unless Marquis cops to it.

Losing Marquis from the season hurts the DBacks no matter how badly he pitched so far. His open rotation spot falling to the likes of Zach Duke or Micah Owings doesn’t bode well, especially with the Giants beleaguered offense coming to life.

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  1. At first it looked like he was faking the injury to justify nailing that batter on the leg. It would be pretty funny if it wasn’t so sad… actually it is still pretty funny.

  2. Props to Marquis for having a very large sack.
    As to his replacement, there has been substantial talk that recent #3 overall pick, Trevor Bauer, who signed an MLB deal, would get the call.

  3. This is pretty unfortunate for the DBacks. But they shouldn’t fear for they have Overbay!

  4. I will never be saddened by bad news for the D’Backs.

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