The First Of Many

Jim Thome hit the 599th and 600th home run of his career tonight in Detroit. This was his very first home run, hit on October 4, 1991 against the New York Yankees.

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  1. Wow at the attendance at Yankee stadium. Thome really crowded the plate back in the day

  2. Wow he absolutely crushed that! Someone needs to take some time and edit this video so it has Delmon Young reacting in the background.

  3. I was there last night…really awesome standing ovation from the Tigers’ faithful. It was actually a crazy game, what with the Delmon Young HR and the Ben Revere almost inside-the-park-homerun.

  4. I’d say this is a bigger deal than Jeter’s 3000th hit given how exclusive the 600 HR club is. But since Thome isn’t a Yankee, we won’t hear about this talked about in a month. We’ll still be listening to how amazing Jeter is in a month. Damn Yankees.

  5. That is one thing steroids ruined…guys like Thome will never get his due despite the fact that he’s clearly a first ballot HOFer

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