An Emergency Without End

A headline that could normally describe the Toronto Blue Jays bullpen for large stretches of this season was given literal meaning today when closer parce qu’il est la Jon Rauch underwent an emergency appendectomy in Seattle this morning.

The least intimidating 6’10″ pitcher of all time has been placed on the Disabled List, while left handed specialist Trever Miller, who came over to the Blue Jays from the St. Louis Cardinals in the Colby Rasmus trade was designated for assignment. The two roster spots will be filled by lefty relievers Will Ledezma and Rommie Lewis.

Oooooh. Doesn’t that just give you so many warm and fuzzy feelings about this team’s bullpen?

Despite what the Toronto Star’s Mark Zwolinski might try tell you, look for the Jays to use Frank Francisco as the team’s closer moving forward.

Comments (5)

  1. I wonder if the Miller DFA will have any bearing on the tripartite PTBNLs promised to St. Louis.
    Dustin – intentional use of a Hip lyric in the title?

  2. Good point. And guilty.

  3. Tyler Beede is available for 3.5 mill.
    Never mind…

  4. Nice Hip reference. Riffing on the song…The bullpen is no longer fun (never was this year), and the Blue Jays are no longer relevant…

    …In 2011 that is. I didn’t expect them to be relevant anyway. In fact, I expected them to be worse than they’ve been so far this year, and now they’re a helluva lot more fun to follow than they were in the Nix, Patterson, Rivera days…Remember those days? Good times. Distant [Getting Blanked]ing memory…Beautiful.

  5. Why didn’t Jon Rauch play basketball, then we could have avoided this whole mess

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