The deadline for Major League Baseball teams to sign their draft picks came and went last night with all the drama of a film adaptation to a novel you’ve already read. We all knew the probable outcome that the vast majority of picks would end up agreeing to signing bonuses with their teams, but there were still a few minor surprises as the final hour before the deadline began with 22 of the 33 first round picks still unsigned.

Of the first 60 picks of the draft, only Tyler Beede, selected 21st overall by the Toronto Blue Jays, and Brett Austin, selected 54th overall by the San Diego Padres, did not agree to a signing bonus with the team that drafted them.

Once again, despite Major League Baseball’s best efforts to limit the money being spent on draft picks, several records were broken during the signing period:

  • Six bonuses of $5 million or more were handed out (Gerrit Cole (#1, Pirates), Danny Hultzen (#2, Marlins), Bubba Starling (#5, Royals), Anthony Rendon (#6, Nationals) and Archie Bradley (#7, Diamondbacks) and Josh Bell (#61, Pirates));
  • The Pirates signed top pick Gerrit Cole for the largest straight bonus in draft history;
  • The $7.5 million given to Bubba Starling by the Kansas City Royals is the highest bonus ever for a high schooler and a position player;
  • The $5 million spent on Josh Bell by Pittsburgh broke the record for a bonus given to a player outside the first round; and
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates broke the record for bonus spending by one team in a single draft with their signing of Cole and and Bell alone.

Here’s a listing of the top 60 picks and other players that were signed for $1 million or more.

First And Supplemental Round

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates – Gerrit Cole – $8 million
  2. Seattle Mariners – Danny Hultzen – Five-year, $8.5 million MLB deal
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks – Trevor Bauer – Four-year, $7 million MLB deal
  4. Baltimore Orioles – Dylan Bundy – Five-year, $6.225 million MLB deal
  5. Kansas City Royals – Bubba Starling – $7.5 million
  6. Washington Nationals – Anthony Rendon -  Four-year, $7.2 million MLB deal
  7. Arizona Diamondbacks – Archie Bradley – $5 million
  8. Cleveland Indians – Francisco Lindor – $2.9 million
  9. Chicago Cubs – Javier Baez – $2.625 million
  10. Padres – Cory Spangenberg -  $1.86 million
  11. Houston Astros – George Springer – $2.525 million
  12. Milwaukee Brewers – Taylor Jungmann – $2.525 million
  13. New York Mets – Brandon Nimmo – $2.1 million
  14. Florida Marlins – Jose Fernandez – $2 million
  15. Milwaukee Brewers – Jed Bradley – $2 million
  16. Los Angeles Dodgers – Chris Reed – $1.589 million
  17. Los Angeles Angels – C.J. Cron – $1.467 million
  18. Oakland Athletics – Sonny Gray – $1.54 million
  19. Boston Red Sox – Matt Barnes – $1.5 million
  20. Colorado Rockies – Tyler Anderson – $1.4 million
  21. Toronto Blue Jays – Tyler Beede – Did Not Sign
  22. St. Louis Cardinals – Kolten Wong – $1.3 million
  23. Washington Nationals – Alex Meyer – $2 million
  24. Tampa Bay Rays – Taylor Guerrieri – $1.6 million
  25. San Diego Padres – Joe Ross – $2.75 million
  26. Boston Red Sox – Blake Swihart – $2.5 million
  27. Cincinnati Reds – Robert Stephenson – $2 million
  28. Atlanta Braves – Sean Gilmartin – $1.13 million
  29. San Francisco Giants – Joe Panik – $1.116 million
  30. Minnesota Twins – Levi Michael – $1.175 million
  31. Tampa Bay Rays – Mikie Mahtook – $1.15 million
  32. Tampa Bay Rays – Jake Hager – $0.963 million
  33. Texas Rangers – Kevin Matthews – $0.936 million
  34. Washington Nationals – Brian Goodwin – $3 million
  35. Toronto Blue Jays – Jacob Anderson – $0.99 million
  36. Boston Red Sox – Henry Owens – $1.55 million
  37. Texas Rangers – Zach Cone – $0.873 million
  38. Tampa Bay Rays – Brandon Martin – $0.86 million
  39. Philadelphia Phillies – Larry Greene – $1 million
  40. Boston Red Sox – Jackie Bradley Jr. – $1.1 million
  41. Tampa Bay Rays – Tyler Goeddel – $1.5 million
  42. Tampa Bay Rays – Jeff Ames – $0.65 million
  43. Arizona Diamondbacks – Andrew Chafin – $0.875 million
  44. New York Mets – Michael Fulmer – $0.9375 million
  45. Colorado Rockies – Trevor Story – $0.915 million
  46. Toronto Blue Jays – Joe Musgrove – $0.5 million
  47. Chicago White Sox – Keenyn Walker – $0.795 million
  48. San Diego Padres – Michael Kelly – $0.718 million
  49. San Francisco Giants – Kyle Crick – $0.9 million
  50. Minnesota Twins – Travis Harrison – $1.05 million
  51. New York Yankees – Dante Bichette Jr. – $0.75 million
  52. Tampa Bay Rays – Blake Snell – $0.684 million
  53. Toronto Blue Jays – Dwight Smith Jr. – $0.8 million
  54. San Diego Padres – Brett Austin – Did Not Sign
  55. Minnesota Twins – Hudson Boyd – $1 million
  56. Tampa Bay Rays – Kes Carter – $0.625 million
  57. Toronto Blue Jays – Kevin Comer – $1.65 million
  58. San Diego Padres – Jace Peterson – $0.6246 million
  59. Tampa Bay Rays – Grayson Garvin – $0.37 million
  60. Tampa Bay Rays – James Harris Jr. – $0.49 million

Other notable signings:

  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Josh Bell – $5 million
  • Washington Nationals – Matt Purke – Four-year, $4.4 million MLB deal
  • San Diego Padres – Austin Hedges – $3 million
  • Chicago Cubs – Dillon Maples – $2.5 million
  • Toronto Blue Jays – Daniel Norris – $2 million
  • Cleveland Indians – Dillon Howard – $1.85 million
  • Chicago Cubs – Dan Vogelbach – $1.6 million
  • Baltimore Orioles – Nicky Delmonico – $1.525 million
  • Kansas City Royals – Bryan Brickhouse – $1.5 million
  • St. Louis Cardinals – Charlie Tilson – $1.275 million
  • Chicago Cubs – Shawon Dunston Jr. – $1.275 million
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Clay Holmes – $1.2 million
  • New York Yankees – Greg Bird – $1.1 million
  • San Francisco Giants – Andrew Susac – $1.1 million
  • Cincinnati Reds – Amir Garrett – $1 million

MLB Trade Rumors has collected a list of additional over slot signings in both the American League and National League.

And The Rest

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New York Mets reliever Jason Isringhausen collected the 300th save of his career. Talk about a bad night to reach a nice round number.

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Barry Zito sprained his ankle during a rehab start.

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Speaking of fun and the Brewers:

Comments (11)

  1. Looking at that list, you can really see the commitment to spend on the draft. We’re all over that list of top paid picks. O no wait, we’re not at all!

  2. Hey Dustin, quick question. Does ‘The Extra 2%’ have any graphics/charts in it. I am thinking of buying it for an e-reader, but it can’t display graphics.

  3. It’s not like the Jays had the number 1 pick and couldn’t reach a deal. There is a point you go to in a negotiation. If you just give the player what they want it reflects for the future and becomes a hostage taking. Please remember this is a high school kid. Yeah, he could be great, but he could flop. They still signed the majority of their picks (11 of their first 13) and the only other one they didn’t sign is coming off Tommy John surgery. They signed the 74th pick to a $2 million bonus. Like eerything else it’s a cost-benefit analysis, and the cost of 3.5 million was not worth it in their eyes.

    A toronto-Seattle series in Vancouver isn’t a terrible idea. But, I don’t think it would fly too well with the fans, especially in Toronto, where it would be perceived as “maybe Rogers wants to make the Jays a travelling road show” or by the players, unless it was part of a west coast swing. Ask the Expos who played in Puerto Rico how they felt about that.

  4. The number of Tampa Bay picks in that top 60 is crazy (10). Their avergage is $890k/pick while the Jays were at $985k/pick for the four they signed. Beede would’ve pushed it to $1.488M/pick which whould’ve been in the neighbourhood of of Boston’s $1.663M/pick.

    I prefer to be nearer Tampa Bay on the fiscal side of things especially when no one else was near $3.5M until top 7.

    Padres were active with $1.328M per, but without their Top 10 pick they would be $594k…thrifty

  5. @Jeff2: I think one series each season would be very different from the Expos’ Puerto Rico fiasco. The Blue Jays already do coast-to-coast promotional tours, so I think there’s little worry in becoming a traveling road show. And it would be a very good way to increase not only the Jays’ exposure in Western Canada, but also to reinforce their connection to the Vancouver Canadians.

    As a Jays fan living in Calgary, I’ve seen the Jays in person once since 2007. A series in Vancouver would be an annual trip for me, and I know plenty of other folks that feel the same way.

  6. I’m not sure if there was a post about this (maybe I missed it), but here’s a link to the triple play by the Brewers last night:

    Check out Kemp’s slide at 1:10-1:16. The only angle that shows his left hand avoiding the catcher’s mitt. The call was out and you can’t really argue with it, but that is still one hell of a slide.

  7. @Matt_cc there aren’t any graphics or charts in The Extra 2%. Good book, you should pick it up. You should also check out Jonah Keri’s podcasts at

  8. @ Steve: I understand where you’re coming from as a fan out in Calgary. I guess I just worry (as a Jay fan in Toronto) of Rogers saying, hey it worked in Vancouver, maybe we can have a series against the Twins in Winnipeg, or try a series in Montreal. If it was one series a year, exclusively against the Mariners, I actually don’t think I’d mind all that much. Of course, all that could change if both teams became competitive.

    My point with the Expos was to say that if it were to happen it should be part of a road trip for both teams. The Expos games were scheduled as home games so they were on the road for a month. Obviously one team would have to be the home team, but the Jays should either already be on the west coast, or have it as the end of a trip to the central. It just has to make sense and not mess with the players.

  9. @Mick C:

    Thanks! I was planning on picking it up regardless, I just wanted to make sure that if I got it for an e-reader that I wouldn’t be missing anything (or else I would have bought a hard copy). I will check out the podcasts too.

  10. @Jeff2: Gotcha. Agreed that it would need to be part of a west-coast swing. I can’t imagine MLB ever allowing something like that Expos-Puerto Rico thing to happen again. Must have been a nightmare for all the behind-the-scenes people, too.

    I’m not sure it could expand beyond Vancouver. As the article mentions, BC Place’s renovations may not even allow for it. And other than Olympic Stadium in Montreal, no other city has a venue that could host a regular season game appropriately. So for now, a nice pipe dream for those of us stuck watching from too many miles away.

  11. A Vancouver series would be awesome, however, there are other quicker fixes to appease Jays fans in Vancouver. Just making sure that the Jays play in Seattle on weekends would be amazing. And any year MLB does something crazy like schedule the Jays on the road for Canada Day, make sure it is in Seattle. This happened a couple years ago, and I attended. Safeco was a sellout and was full of Jays fans.

    I’d settle for even just an exhibition game between the Jays and the Mariners in BC Place.

    Interesting tid-bit from last night’s game: Attendance was 28K for a Monday night game, whereas it had been around 15K for the previous 3 Mariners games over the weekend.

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