Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad

Despite several rumours that the two sides had worked out a pre-draft agreement, the Toronto Blue Jays and first round draft pick Tyler Beede failed to come to terms on a signing bonus, meaning that the young right handed pitcher will be attending Vanderbilt University this fall. The final whisperings before this evening’s deadline passed were that the Blue Jays had upped their offer to $2 million, then $2.3 million, and finally $2.5 million, but the Beede camp didn’t move away from their initial $3.5 million asking price.

Speaking of $2 million offers, that’s exactly how much it took to sway left handed pitcher Daniel Norris away from Clemson University and into a pro career in the Blue Jays organization. Before rumours of a pre-draft agreement with Beede had emerged, it was largely assumed that Norris was selected by the team, in the second round, 74th overall, as insurance against not signing Beede, as both were considered to be tough signs for any team drafting them.

Far from a consolation prize, many pundits considered Norris to be the best left handed prep arm in the 2011 draft. According to ESPN:

He’ll show 93-96 early in outings but hasn’t held that velocity, sitting more 88-92 by the third inning, with a sharp but long mid-80s slider up to 88, a big low-70s curveball with tight rotation, and good feel for a 75-78 mph changeup. Norris lands on line but because he starts on the third base of the rubber he comes slightly across his body. His delivery is a little unusual, with only a cursory leg kick but a big shoulder tilt, and so much arm acceleration that on some pitches his landing foot will fly off the ground.

Also signing with the Blue Jays moments before the midnight deadline tonight was right handed pitcher Kevin Comer, who like Beede was committed to Vanderbilt, before coming to terms with Toronto on a $1.65 million bonus.

Overall, the Blue Jays signed 11 of top 13 draft picks. The only exclusions being Andrew Chin, who had Tommy John surgery a month before the draft, and Beede who appears to be the only first round selection not to agree to a contract. The Blue Jays will now receive a compensatory pick in the first round of the 2012 draft, largely believed to be not as deep as the 2011 version.

According to Beede:

I’m Vandy-bound. I’m couldn’t be more excited to play under some of the best coaches in the country. I’m not only going to get better as a player, but as a person. They were still far off. They ended up getting to $2.5 million, but that still wasn’t what we valued the Vanderbilt education at. It was obviously the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, but I’m tremendously excited.

It will be interesting to see what Beede projects to sign for when he reenters the draft in a couple of years.

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  1. I want you (I want you)
    I need you (I need you)
    But there ain’t no way I’m ever going to loveeeee you

    Glad we got Norris/Comer at least.

  2. Are you sure about12 out of 13? I haven’t heard anything about Chin signing.

  3. The real question is Jake Eliopoulos sign?

  4. That curveball for the strikeout was a beautiful thing.

  5. Tyler Beede? Pfft. More like Tyler Greedy! amitire?

  6. His Space Daddy has plans for him after all.

  7. Looking on the bright side, there must be something seriously wrong with a kid who turns down $2.5 million to go to school. We might have dodged a bullet.
    This is an obvious loss in value but is thankfully the first real example of AA’s high-risk high-reward blowing up in his face. Still, not a bad draft.

  8. Well, you don’t want to play for our team, well, well….. you’re ugly. No, I wasn’t joking, you are really ugly. And your family values a Vanderbilt education as being worth more than 2.5 million dollars.

  9. Jake Eliopoulos is out of school, so there was not an effort needed to sign him before August 15th.

  10. In June, Beede was quoted as saying, it comes down to the money for Toronto to get him away from Vanderbilt. He better show some development playing for the Commodores.

  11. How do you turn down 2.5 million for nothing? Never thrown a big league pitch. Can’t enter the draft for another 3 years. What if you get injured? Seriously, this makes no sense to me, if I were him.

  12. So whats the over/under on what round in the draft he goes next time? 2.5? 3.5?

  13. Someone should have had Tyler Beede Google the name Barret Loux

  14. Bold prediction: the Jays rebuild Norris’ delivery.

  15. Not saying its gonna happen but with Beede not signing it also gives the Blue Jays the ability to sign a type A free agent and still have a first round pick in next years draft.

  16. Tom makes a great point.

    AA had his value for Beede and he didn’t accept it. Best of luck to him at Vanderbilt!

  17. Anyone know of any analysis of HS pitchers taken in the 1st round who don’t sign, and try to go the college route to get an education and more money? I wonder what the success rate of increasing your draft position and signing bonus are. Gotta be crazy to turn down a guaranteed $2.5 mill.

  18. Thisis really hard to understand. The Jays knew he would be a very difficult player to sign when they drafted him. These type of players don’t sign easily and they had to know it was going to take $3+ million to sign him. Why are they fooling around for 1/2 million dollars. If they were not prepared to spend significant dollars don’t bother drafting this type of player. Look what Josh Bell got later…$5 million. If the player was that good to spend a first round pick on then be prepared to pay to sign him. It’s not like he was asking $5-6 million. The Jays spent 1/2 million just to get the Olivo supplemental pick plus a player( Ausmus) plus what it cost to sign that player. If Beede was felt to be that highly regarded by the Jays then 1/2 million will seem like chicken feed in a couple of years. Next years draft is considered to be a lot weaker so what will you get at #22 and then you have to sign him. Big mistake!!

  19. Popeeto, the difference was $1 mill, not 1/2. I’m personally glad that AA held the line on what he considered Beede to be worth. I want to see the Jays spend wisely, not be held hostage. We did very well IMO.

  20. JRock – one recent example was 2011 #1 overall pick Gerritt Cole. He was drafted in the 1st round by the Yankees in 2008 (28th or so). He decided to go to UCLA instead. He made what, 8 million yesterday? On the other hand, you have Jake Eliopoulos….

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