Jered Weaver is an excellent pitcher putting together a terrific season. He is also a fierce competitor who seems to take failure quite personally, even when failure is giving up a single run on the night via a solo shot to your former battery mate.

You’d assume that but, then again, you don’t get Jered Weaver.

This video shows glimpses of Weaver tracking Napoli has he progresses around the bases. Weaver reportedly took exception too Napoli dogging it out of the box, failing to sprint down the line after launching a no-doubter. When asked about Weaver’s stare, Napoli comes clean to Rangers reporter Evan Grant:

Napoli homered off Weaver in the seventh inning to give the Rangers’ a 1-0 lead. Weaver, perhaps upset because Napoli watched the homer momentarily, stared him down all the way around the bases, then appeared to yell something at the Rangers’ first baseman as he headed to the dugout.

Napoli said he didn’t hear anything, but was aware that Weaver was unhappy.

“What’s the matter? You aren’t allowed to hit home runs off him,” Napoli said.

It would seem you are not allowed to hit home runs off Jered Weaver. Remember less than two weeks ago when Jered Weaver lost his mind on the Detroit Tigers? For a chill-looking surf bro, Weaver is wound a little too tight. Hit the beach, Jered. IT’S RIGHT THERE.

Let all your troubles wash out to sea. Be more like your brother, Jeff. I don’t think too much bothered him in his big league career. And he gave up A LOT of home runs. Seek stillness and balance in all that you do. I’m sure Jeff has a little baggie of stuff that will do the trick.